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What’s the definition of a dull party? One without sparks! Lame jokes aside, cake sparklers breathe so much life into any event, regardless of the average age in attendance, and that’s why they’ve become a staple in event planning.

However, these items that bring so much joy and happiness can ruin an otherwise perfect day when you’re stuck with bad quality sparklers that are damp, won’t light, or didn’t deliver on time. That’s why figuring out the best sparkler supplier is the most important part of using sparklers.

Of the biggest sparkler companies in the UK, Morrison Sparklers and have distinguished themselves for exceptional service to sparkler enthusiasts across Europe. Still, it’ll be great to know which of the two establishments should be on your speed dial when you need the most durable and reliable sparklers to set your party on fire (not literally, of course). First, let’s get to know our contestants.

Morrisons Sparklers

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Morrisons has made huge strides from where it all began for the company in a cute shop at Bradford. Now, it’s a multinational corporation that can boast of being the 4th biggest supermarket chain without blushing (at least in the UK).

The company’s growth has allowed Morrisons to branch out to different aspects of the business sector. From the acquisition of Lincolnshire outdoor plant business, Lansen Nurseries, to selling fireworks and cake sparklers, they do a lot of things right, and that’s why they’ve made it to this comparison.

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You won’t find another company as focused on sparklers as, not just because it’s evident in the company name, but also because of how customer-friendly its expansive range of sparkler services is. In fact, a big part of’s allure is how it manages to ally itself with the largest sparkler manufacturing companies in the world.

Royal Party, Benwell, British Bulldog, Scorpion, Brothers – Sparklers, has negotiated for low prices with these big names,  and that’s why there’s also the occasional promo on the calendar. It couples all that with extremely low prices and superb delivery care, all so that you will ‘Celebrate with Sparklers’ as it’s written in the company motto.



Shipping Speed

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One doesn’t become the 4th largest supermarket in the UK without satisfying customers. Their impressive supply network has been customized to provide your sparkler deliveries to the nearest Morrisons store in quick drop-off times. However, fireworks and sparklers are only available at the stores. Home deliveries might prove to be a challenge.

With, your sparkler products will be in the hands of the fastest shipping options in the sparkler industry. boasts numerous reviews testifying of how the company has saved weddings, birthdays, festivals, and other parties from losing their sparkle by providing high-quality cake sparklers on short notice. The express delivery options have turned out to be a favorite among event planners looking to restock before their events.

Winner: Both

Customer Support

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Morrisons has a great support team ready to help you with your purchase. It understandably has a massive customer base, and it is to the company’s credit that they manage to be fair with their customers.

On the other hand, comparing the customer support that provides to any other supply option would be unfair to that store. Being a store that centers on making sparklers available for your next event, has gathered enough know-how in handling customers to give the best experience with sparklers. The support service is available all day, all year, and in various channels like website and email support. On the website, there’s also a convenient order profile that helps you to keep tabs on your sparkler requests.



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Morrisons works hard to make its items available at affordable prices, for the most part, to be a market dealer in sparklers while playing a big role in their manufacture. For the buyer, of course, that means precious little, but it’s still nice to know. took the alternative route of dealing directly with the largest sparkler manufacturing companies in the UK and abroad. The company has agreed with all the biggest and high-profile sparkler manufacturing brands in Europe, including the Royal Party, Benwell, British Bulldog, Scorpion, and Brothers, in order to procure high-quality sparklers at the lowest possible costs. As a result, customers enjoy the lowest sparkler prices out there.


Product Quality

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Morrisons has an okay selection of sparkler products on offer. They aren’t the most expansive selection of sparklers you’ll ever see, but the stores have very few (only two) options that can pique your interest. The mega sparklers (10-inches) and monster sparklers (18-inches) might be the only two options you need to make do with for your event.

Again, it’s unfair to compare any store with a store that’s named when sparklers are concerned, and this is most evident with the options on offer. makes it its business to secure the best sparklers from the biggest companies in the sparklers industry. The company provides the widest and coolest collection of sparklers to color your viewing pleasure with intense and breathtaking excitement.


Packaging and Delivery Integrity

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It’s not just about buying the products; it’s also about making sure they’re available for your use in good condition when you need them. On the one hand, Morrisons has its products in their stores available for pickup. On the other hand, having to locate the store can be such a needless hassle.

Also, it’s in the customers’ best interests to have the sparklers delivered to their homes. At least that’s the way sees it since the company offers product deliveries like it would glass cups – with extreme care. Unlike many companies that are ready to offer apologies when they deliver broken items, makes sure you get undamaged sparklers that are ready to ignite your event at any time. At the same time, you can be sure of the quality of what you’re getting from its pieces, given how many positive reviews the company has received.

To that end, uses a world-class warehouse to keep its sparklers in the perfect environment while storing them before sales. Additionally, the sparklers from are BS (EN) approved, which means they’re widely recognized as durable sparklers.



In the end, being big isn’t everything. By focusing on providing the best sparklers, outdoes Morrisons’ sparklers by a thousand levels when it comes to the sheer number of sparkler options available. The vast interests that Morrisons has are what spreads the company too thin to provide a wealth of options for cake sparkler supply. obviously doesn’t have that problem. With its assortment of fun and beautiful sparklers, has enthusiastically declared the market for sparklers as its niche, and that’s why it has gotten to the very top of the sparklers chain.


Bottom Line

In this sparkler industry rendition of the David versus Goliath story, has triumphed over Morrisons with a savvy blend of low pricing, enviable variety, decent customer support, and a sole focus on sparklers.