15 Great Facts About Bulk Buy Sparklers


Sparklers are cute little stars shelled in a long bomb that sprinkles in the surroundings when ignited and adds up the overall feel of the evening with sparks and happiness. These sparklers come in variable sizes and shapes and due to that their prices vary. The biggest mistake that people make while buying sparklers is getting some pieces at retail price. I don’t think it is a wise decision to have some sprinklers in a price in which you can have them in bulk. When you buy sparklers in bulk, two things happen; one is that you get enough bombs for fireworks in your occasions and events and secondly you save a lot on your purchase.

In this content, I will be answering all the questions and concerns that occur to your mind when you think about buying the sparklers in bulk. So, let’s start:

1. Where to find bulk buy heart sparklers?

When you buy sparklers in bulk, you have choices to choose different shapes, sizes, and types of the sparklers. Such as, you can buy sparklers numbers, alphabets, hearts, and smileys etc. These sparklers can be accessed from online shops and offline departmental stores. If you specifically want to purchase heart-shaped sparklers, you will have to make some research. During this research, you will be visiting various physical and online stores and checking out for prices and if they give bulk supply of sparklers. You will select only those shops that have a good reputation regarding offering sparklers and that also at good prices. One thing I would also like to suggest here is that it is better you select a retailer than the suppliers because suppliers charge extra to have profit for themselves while retailers want a permanent customer so they charge less and give better quality heart-shaped sparklers.

2. Why bulk buy sparklers the UK is better?

One thing that we think about while buying sparklers in bulk is the price. We think that as we would be able to have a good price cut, therefore, we should buy sparklers in bulk. However, the price cut is not the only reason for which we select bulk purchase. Bulk purchase also allows us to have a huge stock of sparklers that we can use on several upcoming occasions. These sparklers never get damaged or expired if you don’t let them get wet. Dry sparklers can be kept along for one whole year. Now, during this year, as many occasions would come, you will have sparklers to use along with you. You don’t need to purchase them again and again and bear the huge cost because you have already stock available due to bulk purchase.

3. What is the cost of Bulk buy sparklers?

The cost to buy sparklers is dependent upon many factors and as the factors change, prices fluctuates that bring an impact on over cost of the purchase as well. Factors, on which cost of the sparklers depend is brand, shop, and a number of sparklers you buy. There are some of the famous brands that charge you an extra sum for sparklers for their names because they have a huge demand in the market. Secondly, some shops due to having a huge range of customers have huge prices. Thirdly, if you purchase in bulk stock, you can have a huge price cut. All with this, the size of the sparklers you select along with the shape can also change the price. Simple sparklers are less in price than the alphabet, number, and heart-shaped sparklers. The price of simple sparklers can be up to £ 14 while for heart-shaped sparklers, you may have to pay up to £ 23.

4. Why buy sparklers in bulk?

Sparklers can be bought in bulk for various reasons in which price could be the biggest reason. Prices are cut down to less when you purchase something in bulk. Various companies and brands, when offer sparklers online, they offer bulk packing. This bulk packing is safer to dispatch because by doing so, the shipping cost is diminished and hence prices become lower. Secondly, when you have so many kids at home to see and have fun with sparkling, you can have sparklers for everyone when it comes to doing a bulk purchase. There are also birthday or wedding sparklers packs available, in which you find some simple, some alphabetical, and some heart-shaped sparklers while the price for this pack is not huge. Hence, you can buy sparklers in bulk for variety as well.

5. How to use bulk buy wedding sparklers?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to using bulk wedding sparklers because of their quality and way of treatment are almost same. To use these sparklers, first, you need to select the area and place where these need to be burned. Select the area according to the size of your sparklers. Such as, larger the sparklers are, wider the area should be. Once the area has been selected, now you need to put the sparklers that you have bought in bulk, in some symmetry on the ground. You can use bottles to put sparklers stick inside and keep on the different sides of the ground. You can also carry them in the hands. Now, ignite the thread of these sparklers and see the magic.

6. Where to buy bulk sparklers?

The best places to buy bulk sparklers are online vendors with a good reputation such as eBay, Amazon, Ali BABA, and Ali express etc. These places are known for sending original and reliable stuff to their customers and in case of damaged supply, you can claim for money back as well. So, you will have a warranty to get the best and reliable yet working sparklers while buying online. Now, why these online shopping sites offer bulk sparklers’ best offers because they have to bear the huge shipping cost for sending each product. Though the price is paid by a consumer, still no one wants to buy a single sparkler with a hundred pounds shipping price. Therefore, you can find the best sparklers in bulk and in low price with minimal shipping charges while buying them online. 

7. How to use bulk sparklers for the party?

You can use bulk sparklers in parties of various kinds like birthdays, anniversaries, get-to-gathers, New Year, and Christmas etc. Engagement parties and proposal nights are also parties in which we can use bulk sparklers. To use sparklers, you need to place them somewhere or have enough people to hold them.  Make sure to make symmetry in which sparklers will be placed or held for best and unique photography. You also have to keep an eye that sparklers can be seen by everyone in the audience when you lit them at the peak of the party. All with this, you need to make sure that no timber or fabric would come in contact with these sparklers while getting lit in the party. Now, lit them and make sure that kids and other audience are in a safe distance from them. Don’t ignite all the sparklers at once because in bulk sparklers are too many in numbers.

8. Can I use bulk sparklers on the cake?

Why not?? You can definitely use bulk sparklers on the cake. Bulk sparklers have no difference in working and in appearance they are just more in numbers than the sparklers you buy like one or two. Now, if you want to use the sparklers on the cake, you need pointy tip enriched lids that you will use to place the sparkler on the cake. Make sure that you don’t use too huge and too many sparklers near cake because extra-long or huge sparklers spark for too long and can cause the frozen cake to get melt. However, if you have extra-long sparklers, instead of putting them on the cake, you can tie them with the table on which cake is placed. In pictures, it will give an effect just like you have put the sparklers on the cake.

9. How to use bulk sparklers for a wedding?

Weddings are happy events and not only the bride and groom but the whole family gets excited about celebration and fireworks. Therefore, you will have to have sparklers in bulk amount with you. Now, to use bulk sparklers, you have to gather all the important and nearest people to bride and groom like siblings, parents, close friends, and cousins etc. Give one sparkler in the hand of each and every one. Don’t worry about the number of people because you already have bought sparklers in bulk. Now, make everyone standing on the pathway on which the bride and groom would walk before reaching the stage. Ignite these sparklers right before the bride and groom start walking on the path. It will look like stars are welcoming them.

10. How to light bulk sparklers?

There are different ways in which you can light the bulk sparklers but before lighting, you have to place them on the secure part of the venue. Make sure it doesn’t come in contact with any sort of fabric or skin of some kind or person. Keep the area-wide and select an opens space for lighting sparklers. Now, use a lighter or a matchstick to light the sparklers. These will surely add up to the mood of your evening of the wedding.

11. Will bulk sparklers burn?

Well, you have to be wise while purchasing sparklers in bulk. Sometimes, the vendors you select give you sparklers that are wet and they don’t work properly. So, make sure you choose the right vendor and a good company while buying wedding sparklers. These shouldn’t be wet and have enough matter to get burn. If you will make a wise choice, and buy them from a good source and a reputable company, your bulk sparklers will definitely burn.

12. How long will bulk sparklers burn?

The burning time of the bulk sparklers varies size-wise. If you have longer sparklers, they will burn for too long while smaller sparklers take less time in sparking. This is because longer sparklers have layer by layer potassium in them that burns slow and steadily and give sparks for an extended period of time. So, there is nothing to do with the bulk purchase, the size of your sparklers is what matters when it comes to looking at the burning time. But if you want a simple answer, I would say that yes bulk sparklers have the capacity to remain brunt for an extended time.

13. Are bulk sparklers available for sale?

To find bulk sparklers available for sale offers, you need to visit different forums and groups where vendors send voucher codes to attract customers to their site. Moreover, on different occasions, some famous sparklers sellers give sale offers for bulk purchase. To find these offers, you will have to keep visiting the websites of the vendors on an on-and-off basis. You can also join the newsletter of these vendors so that they can send you emails whenever there are sale offers available.

14. Are bulk sparklers cheap?

Yes, bulk sparklers are cheap, less in price, cost-effective, and works best when it comes to having big events and ceremonies at home. Companies give bulk packing of the sparklers for purchase to their customers. The price of the sparkler is already low hence to make sure that they get some profit for sale; companies refer to sale sparklers in bulk. Moreover, it is not only about sparklers but whatever you purchase in bulk is always cost-effective and never burdens your pocket.

15. Why it is better to buy bulk sparklers?

Weddings are big days and make everyone in the family excited. It is an event of happiness and to celebrate happiness, nothing works better than a firework. For fireworks, you can use sparklers and small sparking bombs. Now, if you ask me, I would suggest that you buy bulk sparklers for the wedding. You are already bearing too many expenses for the wedding hence you need to use all those means where you can save even single pennies. Secondly, you need too many sparklers to show off in the audience. Therefore, you should go with an option to buy the wedding sparklers.


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