Top Birthday Cake Sparklers to Use This Month


If someone asks you what should be in your party apart from the cake, what comes to your mind?

Can you imagine your friends and family end those happy birthday songs without any ideal substance to keep the flow? You won’t like to entertain any dull moment at all.  I’m sure you would like something that will give life to the ambience; something that will spark off the moment.

You’re tired of the traditional mini candles, and for this month, you want a bit of spice added into the mixture, something that will steal the spotlight on your birthday right; what better way to ensure it than adding sparklers on your birthday cake?

Placing the cake sparklers in your cake instead of the conventional candles makes it look more whimsical. Also, this specific type of candles will make the event more spectacular. So, if you want your birthday to go as magically as possible, especially for those celebrating in this month of June, then it’s time to rely on the core of the smokeless and ashless sparklers.

When making your choice of sparklers for cakes, you will need to go with your style and personality. That’s what makes you really unique and so important.

How to light up sparkler candles

While you’re enthusiastic about this month birthday party, and already thinking of the best sparkler candles to light up the event, you should also learn how to light up the sparklers. But before we go into that, you should have a clear idea of the forms of sparklers to help you choose the best for your big day!

Choosing a cake sparkler for your birthday

Luckily there are a thousand designs of birthday cake sparklers with an infinite variety of colours, shapes, and sizes so you can choose the most special and unique one for this month’s birthday celebration.

Notable amongst them are the Sparkling candles often compared to a mini-sized firework that can be placed on top of the cake or held in hand.

Let’s look at the features below;

  • You can find sparkler candles in letterforms producing interesting, vivid sparks, flames and other effects in different colours when lit.
  • Some of them are smaller and are in the form of tiny sticks.
  • We have the huge ones in the form of pencils but thicker in width.
  • They can be found in various shapes.
  • Some are designed in the form of circles.
  • You can get loop-shaped sparkler candles in which you have to light the loop. It’s very beautiful as the flame nicely surrounds the loop.
  • The sizes vary from 7inches to 18 inches depending upon the one you want.

How to light up birthday cake sparklers:

It’s very easy to light up sparklers. All you need is to hold a touch of flame to the exposed paper end.

We recommend using lighters with long ends such as the punk stick; a barbecue lighter or candle lighter is perfect. Fireplace matches that are several inches long will work well, too.

Just stick the pointed end of the paper (for the new 5" sparkler with the paper already exposed) into the ground or non-flammable container filled with sand or stones and light the paper.

In some cases, you need to hold the flame to the paper long enough for it to ignite. Exercise patience while you wait for it to light.

Yes, birthdays are memorable, but the cake sparklers will make you remember it for centuries. Birthday cake sparklers will make you wait eagerly for the next time. But then, you need to make the best selection of sparklers for the best moments.