How to do a VIP party with sparklers


Are you wondering what you can do to make your party unforgettable? Sparklers might just be the answer to that question. Sparklers are a spectaculars selection of decoration during any kind of party. Be it a wedding, a birthday party or even a graduation party. If you are looking for cake decoration, sparklers will do an excellent job of ensuring that the cake looks really special. They are capable of emitting lights of different and beautiful colours that leave a place looking really special. There are different types of these sparklers and it will depend on you to choose the one that makes you happy. Any kind of sparkler will give you a satisfying experience. A lot of clubs are using sparklers to give their customers a VIP experience so why can’t you use them too to do a VIP party? Keep reading our article and learn how to do a VIP party with different ice sparklers.

How to light up ice fountain sparklers

Transform your party into an unforgettable spectacular moment using these ice fountain sparklers. They come in different colours and they are perfect especially for a girl’s birthday party. Get a pink or silver ice fountain sparklers and grace this event an unforgettable way. They are also perfect for anniversaries parties and gives a perfect alternative to boring traditional candles. The lights being emitted by this elegant sparklers will leave your cake as the centrepiece of everything!

Place the ice fountain sparkler upright on the cake and make sure that it cannot fall down. Light the sealing paper and stand back to watch the sparks fly. The view is excellent and everyone is going to love it. Don’t let your under 5 kid hold the ice fountain sparkler. Keep it in mind that the sparkler may take some time to light up. Wait for approximately 30 seconds and everything will be set. Enjoy the view and thank me later. The ice fountain sparklers are a bit different compared to other sparklers as their sparkles don’t normally go past five feet but they are still such an amazing thing to see. They don’t emit any smoke or carbon dioxide so they are perfectly safe to you and to the Mother Nature. They are cheap and everybody can afford them! Grace your party with this sparkler and the guests will feel very welcomed.

How to light up bottle ice fountain sparklers

Whenever most people hear the word ice, what comes into their minds is something super cold or something blue. That is not the case with the amazing bottle ice fountain sparklers. The bottle sparklers are capable of emitting lights of different colours such as green, red, and yellow among other colours. The cool frame of this sparklers might be the reason they are called ice coz these things are not cold at all. The cool frames don’t produce much smoke and they produce very little carbon dioxide making them very environmentally friendly. You can grace your birthday party, wedding or any other event with the elegant bottle ice fountains.

The new and revolutionary led glow nite Sparx might be the epitome of your event! This new and amazing product is inspired by the traditional bottle ice fountain sparklers but it is something you have never used before. It is already being used in many bars and hotels all over the world to give the customers a VIP welcome. It can be easily attached to the bottle with the help of ice fountain tri- clips and it has a switch. It does not heat up and it is perfectly fine to hold it by hand. Give your guests a party to remember using these revolutionary ice fountain sparkler.

How to light up coloured ice fountains

Use this great quality product and make your event look fabulous. They come in different colours and you can buy as many as you can. Light one sparkler which will last for about 50 seconds then another and the different colours combined will make the place of celebration seem like a paradise. Many restaurants are already using coloured ice fountains to grace people’s parties and you can decide to make your party unforgettable using this special sparkler. The flares are all good coloured and irrespective of the colour of the candle, they will last for about 45 seconds which is short but very effective. Lighting the fountains is as easy as drinking water because all you have to do is remove them from the package and light them just like you light your normal candles. They are environmentally friendly and they don’t emit any smoke. If you buy many of these coloured fountains you will be amazed by how your party will be spectacular. They give your party an excellent look. If it is a birthday party, make the birthday boy or girl light up the fountains to the number of his or her years. If he or she is 10 years old, making him light up 10 different coloured ice fountains. The colour of this elegant fountains will make your party surely unforgettable. The good thing is that they are very cheap and easily available in all online and other stores.

How to light up handheld ice fountains

Fireworks you can hold! Amazing right? The new variety of ice fountains gives you the opportunity to hold the fireworks on your hands and they have a duration of approximately one minute. They are easy to light and you will be able to use them even if you are holding your party indoors.  Light the fountains as the VIP guest makes an entrance and this will make him or her feel like a star. These handheld Ice fountains are very affordable and you can buy each for every one of your guests. Let them experience the amazing feeling of this “fireworks” as they get drunk with music.

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