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Birthday Cake Sparklers – Add A Sparkling Decoration On Top Of Your Tasty Cake

People usually say that a birthday without a birthday cake is not really a birthday. Most people pay special attention to the cake when they are organising a birthday party. It is a long tradition to try the birthday cake whenever you are a guest at a birthday party. Since this is the main attraction on the birthday party, it is quite logical for people to look for ways to make it more memorable and we are not talking only about the taste. There are numerous decorations that are used on birthday cakes and one of the best known is the candle. However, in the recent period more and more people use a birthday cake sparkler.


The Use Of Birthday Cake Sparklers Today

As mentioned before, the tradition that was practiced widely on birthday parties in the past required the use of candles. But, it seems that people are tired of waiting for their friend or relative to blow the candles, a procedure that lasts for only a second. They want to enjoy this part for a longer period of time. This is how the first birthday cake sparkler was invented.

This brand new party twist will definitely please the crowd at any birthday party and the best part is that you can use both candles and sparklers on your cake. This is an excellent way to make the birthday cake stand out and grab the attention of every person that is part of this celebration.

Not long time ago, people have used sparklers only outside and this is why sparklers were used less frequently. The reason behind this practice was simple – these sparklers were hazardous. Most of them have produced significant amount of smoke and unbearable smell. It was not unusual for the sparkles to fall far away from the cake and cause damage. Well, this is something that you should now worry about today because modern birthday cake sparklers are safe. They are made in a way which guarantees that nothing around the cake and the cake itself will be damaged. In addition, they are odour-free and smoke free, so if you want to use them inside your home you don’t have to think twice before doing that.

Birthday cake sparklers come in few sizes, but the most common one is the 7 inch sparklers size because every birthday cake comes in more or less the same size. In addition, these sparklers have different colours so you can find one that matches the colour of the cake if you want to. These cheap sparklers have various forms too. You can find heart sparklers, star sparklers and birthday cake sparklers. Finally, they last for a long period of time, so you can grab few photos while they are still producing sparkles. 


The Best Birthday Cake Sparklers

We have a wide range of Gold and coloured Birthday Cake Sparklers and Ice Fountain in stock which make a great alternative to a normal candles. We have Number & Letter sparklers too which makes names and ages.

If you want to purchase the best birthday cake sparklers then you have come to the right place. Sparklers.co.uk is the place where you can find sparklers produced by top brands in this field and all of them come at the best price.