Best Quality Sparkler Buys in UK

Sparklers are the perfect party accessory.  Create a dazzling show for your guests.  Read here how to buy bulk sparklers in the U.K.


It’s never been so easy to bulk buy quality sparklers! Sparklers UK offers the best quality party sparklers online in the United Kingdom. With a full range of sparklers for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, office parties and anniversaries, Sparklers UK stock the best quality sparklers for your event.


Delivery is free for any orders over 50 pounds to any address in the UK.  It’s sensible to consider a bulk buy on quality sparklers to save on costs and delivery charges if you are having a larger size event.


How many sparklers to buy?

There are quite a few important considerations when buying sparklers online. It’s essential to choose the right amount of sparklers to suit your occasion. If you are holding a large event, with approximately 30 to 50 guests in attendance, then your best savings bet is to buy your quality sparklers in bulk from Sparklers UK.


If the event is smaller, with less than 30 guests in attendance, then smaller packages of 2 sparklers per pack to 8 sparklers per pack may be optimum for you. Plan to have at least one sparkler per guest and a few extra pieces, in case your friends and family love them so much, they want to light another.


Bulk Buy Sparkler Packages:

Bulk buy packages at Sparklers UK start at a modest 50 sparklers per pack, the next biggest bulk size is 100 sparklers per pack.  The biggest and most economical bulk buy is at 150 sparklers per pack.


Consider the number of guests attending and plan for one to two sparklers per person when you are placing your online order. If you are planning a sparkler-lit wedding exit it may be wise to plan for at least 2 sparklers per guest.


The Perfect Sparkler for your Event

It's important to choose the right size of bulk-buy sparkler for your event. Bulk-buy sparklers come in the smaller sized packages of 6” Inches or 7” Inches, which are the perfect size for decorations on the wedding cake. Small sized sparklers burn for 40 seconds and are the safest choice to use for an indoor event.


The medium-sized sparklers at 14” Inches long are perfect for your guest to hold in their hands during a wedding send-off. They are also suitable to place on the wedding cake. These sparklers will burn for an average of 1 minute and 10 seconds. This is an adequate length of time for the bride and groom to move through a sparkler- lit corridor created by friends and family.


The large size giant sparklers are 18” Inches in length. It is not recommended that they are used indoors, but they are the best size for more spectacular displays outdoors.


Last, but not least, after having purchased your quality party sparklers online at Sparklers UK, remember to follow the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Wishing you a wonderful celebration with plenty of sparkles.