Best-Selling Sparklers

Searching for the best-selling sparklers to buy online at Sparklers UK? Look no further! Read this great review of the top sparklers to buy online today.


Bulk-buy Sparklers for Big Events

If you are planning an important event with a large guest attendance, for example, a  wedding celebration or a New Year’s Eve party, then you will save more by buying sparklers in bulk online at Sparklers UK. Your shipping anywhere in the UK will be completely free when you order over £50 worth of goods from Sparklers.

Small Sparklers for Indoors

There are some excellent deals at Sparklers on larger quantities for very cheap prices: Indoor Mini Sparklers are  4” Inch (small) size sparklers which only cost £6.45 for 50 pieces. This is an excellent deal if you are looking for a bigger quantity of small size sparklers for decorations on cupcakes or desserts, or for the party cake.



Medium Sparklers for Indoors and Outdoors

Indoor Regular Sparklers at 10” Inches are a suitable size for table decorations, gift packs, or simply for your guests to enjoy. They are safe to use indoors because they do not give off toxic fumes or smoke. These indoor sparklers are a great deal at £49.34 for 150 pieces and are on sale now at Sparklers.


Best deals for Wedding Exit Sparklers

Perfect size sparklers for a send-off

If you’re looking for the perfect-sized sparklers for wedding send-offs then the best size to purchase is the is 14” Inch Sparkler. These regular size sparklers are not too long to be awkward to wave and not too short that they will burn out too fast. Medium size sparklers will guarantee a wonderfully long-lasting wedding exit.

Wedding Exit Sparklers are a good deal at  £41.69 per 200 pieces 14” Inch.  For the best photos and ambience, each guest may need 2-3 sparklers each, so consider buying enough to be sure your big night is lit up like a wondrous ball-room.

Photo Shoot sparklers

Perhaps you need absolutely loads of sparklers to create a most spectacular moment? Then your best extra bulk deal to buy on Sparklers UK is 500 Wedding Photo Sparklers for £192.43 – on sale now!

It’s a fantastic deal because you can use the 14” inch size (medium sparklers) both indoor and outdoor, as cake sparklers or hand-held sparklers safely.


Indoor party sparklers vs. Outdoor party sparklers

Safer to use smaller sparklers Indoors

A top-selling sparkler option on that will truly delight your guests is the glimmering Gold Coated Sparklers. This is surely your best sparkler buy online. Lighting them up in an indoor setting will create an enchanting lighting effect for ceremonial speeches or the first dance on the dance-floor. In this special deal, you will receive 8 sticks per pack for only  £3.29.  Buy them now online at Sparklers United Kingdom.

The Good News is you can use Giant Sparklers Outdoors!

You can be amazingly creative with giant sparklers when you’re holding an outdoors event.  These large sparklers can be arranged at strategic spots in your garden, your marquee tent or along your entrance walkway in order to create fabulous lighting effects when you’re photographing the big moment. Giant Long Legacy Sparklers are 16” Inches long and an absolute bargain at £1.75 each. If you’re looking for a larger quantity – then buy the best-selling sparkles at Sparkles in this size: British Bulldog Mega Long Sparklers: 10 pieces for only £3.50 per pack.

What is the best Sparkler for an indoors & outdoors event?

If you need just one type of sparkler for both indoors and outdoors then the 10” Inch Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Send Off Sparklers at £16.4 are a great buy – you get 50  pieces per pack.


The top-selling food-safe sparklers

The top best-selling food-safe sparklers are small at a maximum of 7” inches long. Cake Sparklers can be used to decorate cookies, cakes and desserts to make your special occasion glow. Sparklers can make the most gorgeous decorations on cakes for class reunions, work functions, anniversaries, Christmas and Birthdays. You can create a totally amazing effect with  Heart Shaped Coated Sparklers for only £2.19 each on a Valentine's chocolate cream dessert, served up in style.

Whatever your needs are, Sparklers are here to assist your party to be the best ever. Enjoy our special deals on Sparklers at