Best Online Wholesale Sparklers UK

Planning a Party?

Are you planning to host a special birthday party, anniversary, graduation party or the biggest one of all, your wedding celebration? Perhaps you are looking for a unique party favour to entertain your guests?  Or perhaps you are looking for something that is especially fun and entertaining, yet cost-effective? Sparklers will tick those boxes every time. Your guests and your family members are sure to thrill with the glamour of lighting and waving a scintillating sparkler.


What are Sparklers for?

Sparklers can be used during parties or celebrations as cake decorations, table centrepieces, gifts and for capturing enchanted photographic moments. They can also just be enjoyed for the simple joy of waving a fizzing sparkling magical stick around.

Sparklers will surely delight and amuse your guests, especially if they are children or ‘kids-at-heart’. Waving sparklers is a fabulous opportunity for everyone present to have loads of fun by creating wonderful shapes in the air with awesome light effects.

Where to buy Wholesale Sparklers?

You will find a wide range of wholesale sparklers online at www. All the products on sale at Sparklers are at rock-bottom wholesale prices. There are amazing bulk-buy options for all sizes of sparklers. The trick is knowing exactly which type of wholesale sparkler is the best to choose for your party and that your guests will most appreciate.

Read further to find out more useful information on how to choose the right sparkler for your celebration.

Which Sparklers will do best?

Birthday Parties for Kids:

Wholesale sparklers for kiddies birthday parties are a brilliant idea, as long as the kids involved are old enough and responsible enough to handle them. Children will adore playing with sparklers, but it may be wise to make sure that they are very well supervised while they are handling the sparklers, and that all safety instructions are followed exactly. If the children are under 10 years old, they will need direct adult supervision.

It’s a fun idea to place the sparklers at the centre of the birthday cake just a few minutes before bringing it into the room, or before lighting the candles. The dazzling light of the sparklers will attract everyone’s attention to the cake and bring all attending together for the lighting of the candles, the singing of the birthday song and birthday wishes.

Birthday party sparklers also come in great themes for kids, such as the Football Sparklers, Horror Sparklers, the Musical Sparklers and Rainbow Coloured Sparklers in delightful colours such as blue, yellow, pink and green.

Parties for Grownups:

Even grown-ups enjoy the magic of parties and fun and lights. Sparklers are the perfect online shopping choice to liven up a birthday, anniversary or wedding with light. Most sparklers come in either golden or silver sparkles, which are generally the colours that are most often chosen for wedding celebrations. There are fantastic bulk buy options at Sparklers UK for packs of 50, 100 and 150 golden sparklers for bigger events.

Before you place your online order, consider the size of sparkler that you might need and the number of sparklers that you will need. You will find a sparkler for every festive occasion by simply visiting Sparklers.UK and placing a quick online wholesale order.