Who doesn’t love candles? As far as I know; every girl in this world adores candles. These little emitters of light are an epitome of elegance and romance! Sparklers candles are actually very romantic and attractive. They appeal to people for various reasons; beautiful scent, soft light and the romantic feel it surrounds you with. We all know that the best-decorated homes come with candle decorations in the hallway and dining area. People even love to add scented or aroma candles to their bedroom. However, it is little known that candles can also be used at weddings, engagement parties, and bridal showers. They will only add to the beauty and grace of the entire event.

Ideas to Include Sparklers Candles At Weddings
If you are planning to get married anytime soon; you must be on the verge of nerves! This is a totally understandable situation as every person goes through it right before the wedding. There is so much involved with planning a wedding – from the menu to dresses and the decor as well! The decoration is a vital part of the wedding as it brings the visual effect to your event and leaves all guests impressed to the core.

If you want your wedding to be different and unique; you need to take the wedding decorations one step ahead of all and include sparklers candles to your venue. This is definitely not a very common decoration trend and will make your day shine brightly in people’s head for a long time.

1. Suspend Candles in The Air
The most visually appealing way to add candles to your wedding décor is by suspending them freely up in the air. Sparklers candles hanging in the air on your venue will make it appeal the guest from a long distance. Moreover, it looks so surreal and appears as if you are marrying right below a sky full of stars! It surely doesn’t get better than that.

2. Flowers and Candles
There are various kinds of candles that can be chosen from to make part of your big day’s decorations and ‘diyas’ are certainly one of them. Diyas are basically a very traditional and Asian version of candles. These are usually lit by filling small pots of clay with oil and lighting a cotton soaked in the oil. This makes the light last for a very long time. These diyas make a perfect combination with flowers of different colours. If you dream of fairy tale weddings; flowers and candles are not something you should leave out of your décor.

3. Wedding Giveaways
Another unique way to make your wedding memorable using candles is by gifting them to your guests; dear and loved ones as w wedding giveaways or favours. Little scented candles are surely a wonderful token of love. It means you wish the lives of your well-wishers to have a beautiful fragrance and light too!

4. Add Candles to The Dinner Tables
The one thing that is a very important part of all weddings is food. You can make sure that the guests embrace the feelings of joy and compassion along with you by making them feel the same warmth! This is why you can consider adding candles to the dinner tables. This way you are making your wedding a memorable and cherished day not only for you and your partner but all attendees as well!