How Many Sparklers Per Guest?

Wedding Sparklers are an absolute must-have party favour for your U.K. wedding. But how many sparklers to buy per guest?

Planning your wedding with care

All brides-to-be understand how important it is to plan their wedding with great care. Every little detail counts. Every single extra-special touch will be noticed, admired and appreciated by people who love and adore you.

"Planning is Everything" and knowing the correct quantity of party favour to buy is super important. Especially when your financial budget is a consideration. Here we explain why it’s important to plan for at least 3 wedding sparklers per guest.

Why buy Wedding Sparklers?

Wedding sparklers are an essential part of sparkling up your celebration, whether you’re creating a fairy-tale wedding send-off scenario, an enchanted first waltz with your beloved, or simply to add to the magic and spontaneity of your most special day. to be sure that you buy enough wedding sparklers for your magical moment? Well first consider a bulk buy special deal online.  That will earn you savings immediately

Calculate how many guests are going to attend. Multiply a bulk buy package by 3.

Surprise with Sparklers

Everyone loves surprises, that is a known ‘universal truth’. There can be nothing so mundane as a predictable wedding, so, of course, you’re seeking something extra-special and different to delight your guests.  Wedding sparklers can provide a golden opportunity for an enchanted moment.


Be it your wedding send-off moment, your first dance, your wedding speeches, the very entrance of the bride itself, wedding sparklers from Sparklers UK will surely make you're unique fairy-tale come true.


The Rule of Three Sparklers per guest

Magical memories last forever in our hearts, but sometimes it may be easy to forget the intricate details, as time goes by. Taking memorable photos is a wise way to make sure that your most special moments are captured forever on film.

A great wedding preparation tip is to make sure that each guest has at least 3 medium size sparklers each. They have a burning time of approximately 40 seconds to a minute each, so make sure you can provide a  couple of extra per guest, in case there is any delay in the procedure.

3 Occasions to use Wedding Sparklers

1. Wedding photo-shoot

Photos ensure that your sparkling romantic moments will last as long as cyber space endures. Memorable photos taken with wedding sparklers lighting the background will be that much more dazzling and glowingly attractive. The fountain of golden sparkles showering down from your lit wedding sparklers will create a magical glow, perfect for photographic lighting.


2. First Dance Moment:  “A Tale as old as Time”

Can you truly imagine anything more truly romantic and special as the first dance of a blissfully wedded couple?  This is an amazing opportunity to create a sparkle amongst the crowd, as you are welcomed to the dance floor, in front of all your guests. Arrange for everyone to light the sparklers as the first strains of music begin, and you and your gorgeous groom lead the way to the dance-floor to begin the musical festivities.


3. Wedding Send-Off Moment

A grand exit with wedding sparklers will be your ever-lasting statement to your guests. Forming a corridor with sparklers, your friends and family will wave you off in a dazzle of light to your newly wedded future.

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