Handheld sparklers lie under the category of mini-fireworks, except they sparkle and glow, releasing coloured flames when held in hands. They ignite long enough for a person to make patterns in the air, by swift hand movements. The longevity of a glowing sparkler depends upon the oxidizer used in it. As long as it is in contact with the oxygen present in the environment, it continues to sparkle.


It is essential to keep the basics of handheld sparklers in mind before moving forward to ignite one. These fiery sticks look mesmerizing and appealing but, can burn up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit when kindled, capable enough to cause severe burns on the skin. It is important to know beforehand about the oxidizers used in them, which fuses quickly in the air to emit coloured sparks.


  • Choose a less windy location when lighting up the sparklers. Igniting them in a windy area may cause them to emit a sudden burst of sparkles.
  • Light up one sparkler at a time. Lighting more than one stick at once might increase the risk to cause minor hand burns. It may also get difficult to hand multiple sticks with one hand.
  • It is useless to use match sticks to ignite them. They simply do not have the longevity to provide enough high temperature to the fiery sticks to come to life. The best source to provide sufficient flame is butane lighters. Use them to light them up safely.
  • Then, after you have lit the first stick, use that stick to light up other sparklers for your convenience.
  • Light up the other sparkler, by holding it horizontally and touching its tip from the burning stick.


There are some basic safety tips while using handheld sparklers. They should be kept in mind before lighting one up.

  • Arm's length distance is necessary after lighting it up. Make sure to keep it distant to your naked skin, clothing, face and from others, standing nearby.
  • Always ensure to buy quality sparklers. They tend to burn smoothly till the end of the covered portion of the wire.
  • You should not re-light the sparklers. It may cause minor burns by, sparkling suddenly into a burst of flame.
  • Never hold the sparklers close to your face, eyes, and hair. Keep the stick far away from others too.
  • Do not run around with sparkler in your hands. It might cause a life-threatening disaster.
  • Keep a keen watch on the kids while handing them over the sparklers. The sparkles might be mesmerizing to them, and they might touch the burning sparkle.
  • Do not make close contact with the sparklers with other materials. It gives off scorch marks, which may possibly ignite the other material or cause damage to it.
  • Safety tips while using handheld sparklers also include the availability of one or two fire extinguishers.


  • It is recommended to use regular sparklers because they are convenient to burn outdoors as well as indoors.
  • The length of the regular sparklers is standardized between 7-18 inches, making it durable and safer than other sparklers.
  • Use of regular sparklers is encouraged because they are very easy to dispose of, after burning.


Handheld sparklers have generally become a trend since their first use on the fourth of July. After that, people have started using them in different events and festivities to add colours to them. The reason for their popularity is the coloured flame they emit, which is appealing to the eyes.