The Best Large Sparklers to Use For Any Occasion


If you are having a plan to hold one of the best party or occasion ever, then you need to do it in a spectacular way. Sometimes if not all the times it is not how much you invest in the event matters, it is the small details that make it spectaculars. Your occasion will be one to remember if you include some 18 inch sparklers and it won’t even cost you much. I have been into many parties and I can assure you with certainty that sparklers will make your event spectaculars and of course more fun. Use of long sparklers is something that you should really consider for your event. The big sparklers as the name suggest have a bigger size than the normal sparklers and if they are big it means they last for longer. You might even be tempted to think that it is a rocket or a firework! Stay glued on this article and find out some of the best giant sparklers that you can use on any occasion.

How to light up big sparklers.

Big sparklers might not be as stressful to light as the wire sparklers but there are still some people who find it difficult to light them up. Probably it coz some they are used to the traditional fireworks which are much easier to light. Lighting a sparkler when it is windy using a matchstick can turn out to be a stressful event. But don’t panic coz some versions of the big sparklers usually have a feature tip which allows you just to strike on it the same way you strike on your matchbox and just like that your sparkler will be ready for use. If your big sparkler this feature then without a doubt that is the best way to light up the sparkler. But of course, that is not always the case with all the big sparklers so sometimes you will have to do it the traditional style. To light up this kind of sparklers you need to choose a location that is sheltered from the wind and only light your sparkler at the right time. Make sure to light the sparklers one after another coz sometimes it can be risky lighting all of them at the same time. Also, do not use a match stick to light up your sparkler coz most of this sparklers just take some seconds to light up and the matches burn up a little bit too quickly so you might end up burning your fingers.  Just light up your sparkler with a safer approach like using a regular butane. It is important to keep your sparkler in a horizontal position or at least make sure the tip is angled down slightly to make the whole process of lighting easier. And that is how to light up big sparklers.

How to light up Long sparklers.

If you are familiar with sparklers then you know that the market is full of sparklers of different colours, sizes, lengths, and styles. But in recent years long sparklers are taking over the market and of course, it is because of a good reason. Along sparkler can be used for an extended period as compared to other types of sparklers which means they offer more fun. This type of sparkler is made to defy time and it has everything to offer and it can be used on any occasion. Some of these long sparklers are 18 inches so you can imagine how long such a sparkler will last and how beautifully it will grace your event. Actually, I haven’t seen a long sparkler that is less than 16 inches long. Opt for long sparkler and enjoy better performance that will last for some minutes instead of the few seconds that the rest types of sparklers last. Long sparklers come in different and beautiful colours and it is up to you to choose which excites you the most. Find long sparklers that match up with the colour of your event and your event will be a moment to remember for most people. The sparklers are completely safe to you and to the environment so you have nothing to worry about. They are easy to light up and all you need is follow the steps above and enjoy the experience.

How to light up 18 inch sparklers.

This is exactly what you need if you want to some extended excitement in your event. Sparklers are one of the biggest attraction to any event or party and an 18 inch sparklers will make sure your event is as attractive as possible. There is a wide range of these sparklers and it is a matter of choice to choose the one that melts your heart. The 18 inch sparklers are safe to use indoors and I think being allowed to say they are perfect coz honestly I don’t see any weakness with them. Lighting them up is super easy, they last for long, they come in different colours, can even come in the golden colour and they can be used in any event. What more could you want?

How to light up giant sparklers.

As the name suggests, these sparklers are actually the longest and biggest sparklers available in the market right now. They are excellent for wedding and Fourth of July celebration but they can also be used on any other occasion. They provide a fascinating experience for any event and they can last for even 1 minute 40 seconds This provides a perfect opportunity to take some awesome photos as the sparkles light up the air. They will be the centre of attraction to your event and if there is any imperfection with your event no one is going to notice as the giant sparklers will be taking up all their attention. Lighting up these giant sparklers is simple it’s just like lighting up the other sparklers.