Fountain Candles

Fountain Candles – A unique piece of sparklers suitable for any occasion

We all know how interesting it is to put simple candles on top of a wedding or birthday cake or to light up a bottle of some expensive drink. But, the fact is that regular candles have an effect that lasts for a couple of seconds. This is where fountain candles come into play. A fountain candle is a piece of pyrotechnics that has the ability to spew out sparkles. They have become very popular especially on special occasions like birthdays and weddings because they are really easy to handle and for indoor use.

An introduction to fountain candles

The main difference between fountain candles and other types of candles/sparklers is the fact that they are not held by hand. They are usually placed on the ground, be it the surface of a cake or some bottle. Of course, the display of light is one of the best things about this product and the best part is that this lighting comes in different colours, so it is up to you to choose the one that is suitable for the event. They usually come in packs of 2-3. Using several of them will definitely make any event memorable.

Fountain candles have one wide tube and this is the place where a shower of sparkles is released. If you are the organizer of the event, you should assign someone to turn on the sparklers with a butane automatic match or a match and enjoy the event.

Types of fountain candles

There are several types of fountain candles and the most popular ones are called ice fountain sparklers. When someone mentions ice, people usually think about the colour of sparkles that they produce and they assume that these candles emit white sparkles which is not true because there are ice fountain candles that produce yellow, green, red or even blue sparkles. Some of the can even make a combination of all these lights. The reason why they are called ice fountain candles is not clear, but it is probably because of the cool flame they produce. The flame is usually pale blue. If you want to see that, you will need to focus on the bottom of the candle where the lighting starts.

What is great about these candles is that the flame doesn't produce so much heat, so they are perfectly safe if they place them on a cake. They also emit a very small amount of carbon dioxide and smoke which is great because they can be used even in small rooms without any problems. In addition, the low heat makes the creation of fire almost impossible.

Manufacturers of fountain candles are very creative and inventive and this is why we have various light displays. For example, we can find blue glitz-gold sparkling ice fountain candles, pink glitz-gold sparkling ice fountain candles or even candles in the forms of bottle clips. The sparkling colour can also come in the form of stars or jets.

Those who want to organize a party or event that will bring smile on the faces of the attendees should surely try one of these candles.

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