Sparklers are great to decorate your parties with some flames of joy and enhance its experience. These flames sparkler like little stars and loved by people belonging to all ages like kids, adults, elders, and the oldies. Due to this very reason, we find so many varieties in sparklers size-wise, colour-wise, and use wisely. Some sparklers are made to with eatable friendly matter that is used to place on cakes, cupcakes, and other types of stuff that we take in mouths. In the same way, some sparklers are used for indoor use while some for outdoor use. Some sparklers fly in the air before popping the flames while others are held in the hands to play with fumes. All with this, we find sparklers in amazing colours to use according to the theme of the colourful parties.

Hand-held sparklers are small and made with a little amount of flash powder so that they bring no harm to the skin. Here is a list of questions and their answers given below that appear in your mind regarding sparklers.

1. Where to Buy Hand Held Sparklers?

There are no specific places for sparklers alone but you can access them easily from the party decoration stores near you. You can also get them from the departmental store from their decoration corners. Moreover, as sparklers are extremely popular, therefore, these can be accessed online as well. You need to go to e-portals of eCommerce website and search for queries “handheld sparklers”. There you will find plenty of options to choose from. If you ask me, I would suggest that you choose a well-known platform like Amazon and Ali BABA to buy sparklers.

2. Why Get Blue Hand Held Sparklers?

Colour oriented sparklers always look great because they go best with the themes of the parties. According to researches and the colour experts, flames and fumes appear more clearly o darker shades like blue, green, and red. Most people choose to get blue hand-held sparklers because shimmery fumes sparklers in blue colour give an idea of the night sky. Moreover, they reflect the lights in a better way than the sparklers available in other colours. Therefore, you should get blue coloured sparklers. Also, if you make a theme of blue colour, it will look even great.

3. How to Use Handheld Cold Sparklers?

Handheld sparklers are extremely safe to use because you need to hold them in the hands and they are extremely near to your skin. Therefore, these sparklers are made of low quantities of flash powder. Flash powder is the matter that makes sparklers to shimmer and produce pretty flames. This powder has amazing property to get settled with air and blow away the flames as quickly as they appear out of sparklers. Hence, there are no chances of accidents. You can simply hold them in hands and lit them to burn. These cold sparklers never burn skins.

4. Why Buy Hand Held Fountain Sparklers?

There are many reasons that involve in buying handheld sparklers such as these sparklers are available in plenty of colours. Yes, you don’t find as many colours in any other sparkler than the handheld sparklers. Besides this, these sparklers are children friendly because of their cool nature. You don’t worry about the security of your kids when they are around fumes of handheld sparklers. All with this, you don’t need to worry for the spacing and placing of handheld sparklers because these are simply people can simply hold them in hands for using. So, it can be easily in indoor and outdoor places.

5. Can I Use Hand Held Heart Sparklers for Wedding?

Hand-held sparklers are so famous to use during weddings so of course, you can use them on your big day as well. These handheld sparklers are available in a variety of tones like reds, pinks, aqua, blues, greens, and orange etc. It means you can easily find colours according to the theme of your wedding day and add up to the feel of your big day. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the security of the venue and guests because handheld sparklers are extremely safe to use. There is a very little amount of flash powder used in them due to which they spark great but in a safe way.

6. Where To Find Hand Held Heart Shaped Sparklers?

Handheld sparklers are the most convenient options when it comes to buying party decorations for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. These come in various shapes, can be held in hands easily, and dangle while flaming to add effects. All with this, you can access them in different shapes as well. To buy such specific shaped sparklers like heart-shaped sparklers, you can visit different shops that offer stuff for party decorations. However, if you remain unable to find your desired heart-shaped sparklers from there, go online at Amazon, eBay, or Ali BABA etc. By typing “heart-shaped handheld sparklers” you will get bulk packing of things you desire to buy.

7. Are There Non-Hand Held Sparklers?

Handheld sparklers are those which you can hold in your in a fist while burning without worrying about getting burnt. All other types of sparklers come in the non-handheld sparklers category. For example; indoor and outdoor sparklers along with flying sparklers fly to the sky before booming. These non-handheld sparklers are huge and require taking more precautions and care while using them. Also, you need a large ground or space to use non-handheld sparklers. You can buy such sparklers from different physical and online stores.  

8. What Is Cost Of Pink Hand Held Sparklers?

Before telling you the cost of buying pink handheld sparklers I want to tell you about some facts. Remember, no shop or store charges you separate prices for separate colours of handheld sparklers. However, if some color is short and their demand is more than maybe prices would fluctuate a little. This is because when shopkeepers see that they have got something short in supply while more in demand, they increase price for that very thing. In all other conditions, you can buy pink handheld sparklers at regular prices. A full pack of handheld sparklers with 6 to 8 sparklers can be accessed in cost of £ 6.

9. Are Hand Held Heart Shaped Sparklers Cheap?

When you buy any type of sparkler in a specific shape, number, or alphabet, the prices elevate just like candles. Such as, when we buy normal candles they come in some pennies but when we buy a number of candles, the prices are more. Same is the case. Handheld Heart shaped sparklers are a little more in prices than other handheld sparklers however not expensive. The price of one hand-held heart shaped sparkler would be up to 3 pounds however if you buy them in sale offers you can enjoy the sumptuous discount and save a lot.

10. Where to Buy Hand Held Sparklers?

If you are interested in buying handheld sparklers there are plenty of shops in the UK alone where you can easily find them. Such as, shops that offer stuff for party decoration and corners of different departmental stores selling party poppers. All with this, you can also buy then online from different web portals like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, and Ali BABA. On these portals, different people sale sparklers so make sure to read reviews before making a purchase.

11. Are Hand Held Sparklers Available For Sale?

Yes, the handheld sparklers are available for sale but to find these offers, you will have to do some research online and offline. For this, sign up for the newsletters of different sparkler sellers available online. Now, whenever they will announce a sale, they will send emails to their newsletter subscribers. In this way, you can easily get the handheld sparklers on sale. Moreover, for discount vouchers and gift cards, you can join different forums and groups online. Shopkeepers give gift cards in groups to attract people to their websites.

12. How to Light Hand Held Sparklers?

Lighting hand-held sparklers is not difficult at all. These sparklers are small and are adjustable in congested places like drawing room of your home for an in-house birthday party celebration. You don’t need handles or bottles to place these sparklers. Simply give them in the hands of the audience and then use a simple matchstick or a lighter to light them up. Now, enjoy the amazing, bright, and joyous scene in front of you.

13. How Long Will Hand Held Sparklers burn?

Handheld sparklers are small and safe sparklers that are tiny in size, cute in texture, and available in plenty of colours. You will also find various shapes like stars and heart in the handheld sparklers. Moreover, as handheld sparklers are made to hold in hands hence to keep it safe, manufacturers use less gum powder in them. Lesser the gum powder is the little it will burn in a sparkler. So, the duration of burning for a handheld sparkler is some seconds. However, time is enough to add colours to your celebration.

14. Will Hand Held Sparklers Burn?

Handheld sparklers are great at burning. They are tiny and very few quantities of gum powder has been used in it, still, they burn very well though for some seconds. You have to make sure that the handheld sparklers you have bought are from some good company and they have not been dense or damped. This is because dampness lessens the ability of a sparkler to burn. If you have a dry and new handheld sparkler, they will definitely burn.

15. Are Hand Held Sparklers Available On Sale?

If you do some homework and make a research on different eCommerce websites, you can definitely buy handheld sparklers on sale. The sale is the time when prices are cut to short and you get amazing discount on the purchase. Different shops, online and physical, offer sales on handheld sparklers at different intervals of time. Therefore, you have to make regular visits to these sites to find Hand Held Sparklers Available on Sale.

16. Are Hand Held Sparklers Safe To Use?

Hand-held sparklers are tiny and colourful entities to produce fumes when they are lighted or burned. As these sparklers have to come in contact with your skin, so manufacture use extremely different formulas to keep them safe. Such as, they use very less gum powder in the handheld sparklers. Also, these handheld sparklers are available in cold texture to not to bring any sort of burning to your hands. However, remain with your little kids while giving them hand-held sparklers to burn and play with.

17. Can I Use Hand Held Sparklers Outdoor?

Handheld sparkers are most convenient decorations for a party. These are safe to use, safe to keep, and safe to burn in all types of places even in the small lounges and rooms. All with this, they can also be used in outdoor places with the same beauty and enthusiasm. Some people think that due to using very few amounts of flash powder, the handheld sparklers cannot be used outdoor as they won’t burn there. However, this is wrong and handheld sparklers burn greatly outdoor.

18. How to Use Hand Held Sparklers for Parties?

These days, parties are incomplete without using sparklers in them. However, people remain conscious of the safety of the audience while using sparklers. Here come hand-held sparklers as a relief because they are safe to use and burn even by the kids but parents should remain around. Handheld sparklers are made by using special formulas and innocent quantities of gum powder. Due to this, they are safe. Now, to use them, you can simply ask the audience to hold them in the hands, especially kids, and let them.


Hand-held sparklers are great to use in all types of places like indoor and outdoor and during all types of occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. These are available in fewer rates, and also can be used on the birthday or wedding cakes. For more information on handheld sparklers please see this link :