Top 5 Ice Fountain Sparklers of the Month

Sparklers are a dazzling selection of decoration for virtually any party, particularly if you're searching for the ideal cake decorations for someone's upcoming birthday celebration. As mentioned before, these sparklers are capable of emitting a different type of lights.


Bottle Ice Fountain Sparklers

Transform a birthday celebration into a sizzling spectacle with these exciting Glitz Pink Birthday Bottle Ice Fountain Sparklers. Featuring a holographic pink and silver shimmering rings design, these ice fountain candles are sure to add thrills to any girl's birthday party, anniversary party or another special event. Great as an alternative to traditional birthday candles, these indoor fireworks will turn the celebration cake into an eye-catching centrepiece! Place the fountain upright into a birthday cake or other treat so that it cannot fall over, and light the sealing paper before standing back to watch the sparks fly! The fountain should not be held in the hand or given to children under 5, and should only be sold to those over 16. Please note that the fountain may take a few moments to ignite and will burn for approximately 30 seconds.

Ice Fountain Sparklers

Add a touch of Ice fountain sparklers toppers to your birthday cake with this gorgeous gold cake fountain. The polka-dot cake fountains are perfect for all ages and will add sparkle to every party! Use these fountains on their own or combine with other candles from the Pick & Mix range to make your cake extra special. Each pack contains 3x fountains measuring: 1.5cm (W) x 15cm (H)

Champagne Ice Fountain Sparklers

This one is for 3 Champagne Ice Fountains Sparklers (1 pack of 3). These are premium quality low smoke candles, that last 60 seconds each (approx.) No debris produced, clean burn throughout. This product conforms to the relevant European Safety Standard (EN 14035-15). These can be used as cake toppers or on champagne/wine bottles. Used by hundreds of nightclub and restaurant clients.

Hand Held Ice Fountain Sparklers

Coloured Flame Hand Held Ice Fountain Sparklers 6" Inch Outdoor Use (Pack of 3) is intended to hold in hand for a more entertaining effect and come with coloured coating and coloured flame. Sparkler Size (Including Spike) is 6" Inch (175 mm) long and Burn Time 40 Seconds


In the unlikely event, you find similar items cheaper, please consider the quality of the goods you are receiving. Take a humble sparkler for example, there are so many bulking agents that are often added to sparklers, cheap metal filings are just one , when you compare two sparklers you will notice how clean they burn and how much smoke, and you may notice that one has left a nasty residue or ash after being burned, this is almost always a bulking agent. There are similar issues with Indoor Fountains, inferior fountains will be rather smoky and have a fallout of dross. Expensive chemical components can be altered to make them go further, powdered glass, chalk and paper pulp are regularly used to bulk out compositions.

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