The Best Extra Long Sparklers

Sparklers are cuter and safer poppers used in parties and ceremonies to illuminate the surrounding with fumes for sometimes right at the best moment of the time. Such as, these are cracked right before the cake cutting in birthdays, at 12:00 AM on New Tear, right after the ring ceremony on engagements, and once the oath is taken on weddings; basically to announce the happiness related to an event. These sparklers come in different sizes, colours, and shapes that can be used for indoor and outdoor functions.

If you ask me, I prefer using extra-long sparklers because they throw colourful fumes to height and have a longer life. In the following questions, everything related to extra-long wedding and parties sparklers is covered.

1. Where to Buy Extra Long Sparklers?

Extra-long sparklers are easy to find everywhere and you can buy them from online and physical shops. The best places to buy extra-long sparklers are the shops that offer decorative material for parties and wedding, the ones, where you buy party poppers from. One thing I would like you to suggest here is that make sure to visit more than once shops before purchasing the sparklers in order to get the best rates. In this way, you will get an idea regarding the market rates of the sparklers.

2. How Use Extra Long Sparklers for Wedding?

Small sparklers are easy to adjust around the cake and alongside the stage because of their compact size. However, these sparklers get finish fast and have lower intensity of fumes. Extra-long sparklers have huge potassium nitrate and potassium chlorate, are combined Metals in an oxidized form that help in creating huge sparks. You can use these extra-long sparklers around the stage and lit them when the bride and groom have a walk in front of the audience to add spark to the evening.

3. Why Buy Extra Long Sparklers Bulk?

Wedding sparks can be costly when you have to buy them singularly and the price gets even higher when you buy them in extra-long size. So, the wise decision for buying extra-long wedding sparklers is buying them in bulk. Bulk packing is always directly imported from the manufacturing plant and has an extremely low price. On weddings you would need sparklers everywhere hence the bulk purchase will never get the finish as there are so many sparklers available in it. You can use them on various functions on the different days of wedding to add spark to your big day.

4. How to Use Extra-Long Slow Burn Sparklers?

Extra-long sparklers have a huge amount of metals and potassium in them oxidized together to have huge fumes, that went to extra high heights and remain sparking for longer periods of time. These are known as slow-burn sparklers because of their extended time of sparking however they give you huger fumes than the smaller sparklers. Burning them is not difficult at all. To burn them, make sure you select a wide area because fumes will go to a wide array. Although these are safe and cause no burning but still for psychological impact, you have to keep it safe and select a wider zone. You can put these sparklers in bottles as they have longer stick attached to them. You can also tie them around the stage or use sparkler handles. Now, ignite them by using matchsticks or lighters and see the magical bean of sparkling sparks.

5. What Is the Cost to Buy Extra Long Sparklers?

Extra-long sparklers come in different sizes like seven inches, ten inches, 20 inches, and 36 inches. The larger a sparkler is the longer its burning time will be. Due to extended burning time, the price of the larger sparkler is also huge. There are two ways of determining the piece of extra-long sparklers; one is when you buy extra-long sparklers singularly and secondly when you buy them in bulk. When you buy one or two sparklers alone, you will have to pay from £ 16 to £ 20. On the other hand, if you buy them in bulk, you can cut the price of each sparkler three to five pounds. By doing so, you can save a lot.

6. How to Light Extra Long Sparklers UK?

Lighting extra-long sparklers is not a difficult thing and there is no hard science involved in that. All you have to do is use your common sense. The first thing that you need to take care while burning these sparklers that are long enough in size is of the area. Wider the area, the more you will enjoy lighting the sparklers.  For wider sparklers, use wider and open spaces like roofs, balconies, grounds, lawns, and roads etc. keep them away from walls, any sort of fabric, or wood. It is better that you place then in the middle of the area. This is because sparks pop out from all corners of the sparklers. Now, give their thread fire and see the magical sparking.

7. Where to Find Extra Long Wedding Sparklers UK?

If you are living in the UK and want to find the best place to get extra-long wedding sparklers to make your big day celebration really fun, there are two ways to do so. First of all, you can go online and buy them from any big e-commerce portal like Amazon or eBay. Make sure the outlet you select delivers extra-long wedding sparklers in your area. Another way in which you can buy extra-long sparklers is visiting the departmental or party decoration shop near you. There are many shops in the UK to buy such stuff.

8. Why Use Extra Long Lasting Sparklers?

Weddings are the biggest event of a family, not only for the bride and groom but for the rest of the members of the family as well. For this very reason, we want wedding celebrations to be real fun for everyone. Moreover, we want to add flavours of extra happiness to the wedding and show off the zeal of the event. What extra-long lasting wedding sparklers do is they keep lighting the area for longer periods of time and keep the place illuminating like a fairytale land for extended periods of time. Therefore, you should use extra-long lasting sparklers.

9. Where to Find Morning Glory Extra Long Sparklers?

Well, morning glory is the most famous company to make and offer extra-long sparklers for wedding and birthday ceremonies. However, they don’t have a physical outlet of their own in the UK or any other part of the earth. Therefore, to buy morning glory extra-long sparklers, we have the only option is to buy them from the UK. You can find so many online vendors of extra-long sparklers in the UK. I would suggest that instead of buying from some new company, choose an experienced company like Amazon and eBay because they have a good reputation and deliver what they claim.

10. Will Extra Long Sparklers Burn For a Long Time?

The formation of extra-long sparklers is the same as the smaller sparklers. Manufacturers use potassium nitrate and potassium chlorate along with metals and put inside the hardcore shells of cardboard that start producing sparks when lit. However, in extra-long sparklers, the material is put in a huge amount. They also use layers of papers to keep an extended burning time. The sparkler burns layer after layer and gives more and better sparks.

11. How to Use Extra-Long Sparklers on Cakes?

It is not necessary that you use only smaller sparklers for birthday ceremonies to put on cakes. You can even use extra-long sparklers on cakes because they are safe and never harm the eatables. Whatever they excrete, that gets extinct in the air and never let the ashes falling on the cake or other food. However, due to being extra-large and having extended sparking time, there are chances that they can melt the frozen cakes. Therefore, to use extra-large sparklers, tie them around the table where the cake is placed. By doing so, you will get a sparkling effect right around the cake without melting it.

12. Can I Use Extra Long Sparklers on Cupcake?

Cupcakes are small and you cannot use them on a single cupcake. However, if you use common sense and be a little creative, you can find ways of using extra-long sparkling on cupcakes. Take cupcakes and put them on a table; now tie or place extra-long sparklers around the table.  You can use four sparklers on four corners of the table. Now, lit them and take photos.  It will give an effect to your photos like you have put the extra-long sparklers on the cupcakes.

13. Will Extra Long Sparklers Cause Burn?

Extra-long sparklers have nothing different than the smaller sparklers that are of some inches but they just have extended size. The material used in them is the same as used in smaller sparklers that are safe and is less prone to burning. So, these are totally safe to use. However, precautions are necessary to take when a fire involved. So, to make sure safe sparking, you need to select a wider area and keep the distance from the burning sparklers. Also, don’t use sprays around the area because they have liquid in it that catches the fire faster.

14. Are Extra Long Sparklers Numbers Available?

Yes, yes, and yes. You can have numbers, alphabets, and shapes like heart and smileys in extra-long sparklers. However, the price of Extra Long Sparklers Numbers will be greater than the other sparklers. Nevertheless, these look cool and amazing and also portray the real essence of the event. You can ask your sparklers vendor to provide you with sparklers having a number in it.

15. Why Buy Extra Long Sparklers Numbers?

Extra-long sparklers have longer sticks attach to them that you can hold while sparkling is burning. There are fewer chances that a spark would reach to your skin to cause burning when it comes to buying extra-long sparklers. Now, when it comes to wedding anniversaries and birthday ceremonies, numbers play an important role here as you have to show off that for how many years you have been together or which birth year you are celebrating. Therefore, extra-long sparklers number will add up to the feel of the event.

16. Can I Use Extra Long Sparklers for Parties?

Definitely, yes! Well, there is no hard or fast rule regarding which parties or ceremonies can have extra-long sparklers and which cannot. These sparklers are just to add the feelings and impact to the evening so if you can afford, then why not to use them? However, you have to make sure that the place you select is safe to use longer sparklers because they burn for extended periods. It is better that you use them outdoor.

17. What Are Ways of Using Extra Long Sparklers?

Well, you can use extra-long sparklers in many ways and on various occasions like during parties of New Year, celebrating Christmas, wedding ceremonies, and birthday parties etc. You can even use them on proposals and engagements as well to showcase your happiness. So, to use them, you can keep them in bottles and place them around the path on which wedded couple or birthday person will walk. You can also place them around the table on which wedding or birthday cake is placed. All with this, you can ask your squad to hold them during the celebration.

18. Are Extra Long Heart Sparklers Available?

Yes! Extra-long heart sparklers are extremely easily available and they are perfect to use on anniversaries, weddings, and proposals. Not only this, but alphabetical and numerical sparklers are also available for purchase. You can find them in online stores or departmental stores near you. They give a very illuminating and charming impact on the celebration and add up to it.


So, this is all about extended wedding sparklers. Before ending this article, I want to suggest that you have to keep the venue in mind while selecting the size of the wedding sparklers. You also have to consider your pocket size before making a purchase. These sparklers are great to use on birthday ceremonies of kids because the illuminating impact makes them happier and they will enjoy their big day in a better way. If you would like long sparklers the please to follow this link: