Cake Sparklers For All Occasions

Hi everyone, and welcome back to our daily sparklers blog. Today we will be talking about Cake Sparklers. 

We sell cake sparklers for all occasions. The ones we sell can be found in the url :

Starting with Cake Sparklers that come in the shape of letters are great as they can make names and initials for people or even company names. They last around 20 to 30 seconds see the picture below:

Letter Sparklers


We also have different number cake sparklers which are great for birthday age numbers or anniversary etc please see the picture below:

Number Sparklers


For that extra touch we also sell cake sparklers which come in forms of stars and heart shapes please see the pictures below:

Star Sparklers

Heart Sparklers


With more and more people looking for alternative these straight candle sparklers make a great cake sparkler. Please see picture below:

Candle Sparklers

And finally people love the ice fountains as they make a great display and entrance good for any occasion .Please see: pictures below:

Ice Fountain