There are lots of sparklers available in the market. All of them are used for different purposes at different occasions and celebrations while some of them are specific for some particular events and celebrations.

If we talk about Giant sparklers, then we can say that they are not much common to utilised because their large size does not facilitate some type of celebrations such as cocktail parties. In this case, it is very important to properly understand the proper utilisation and different other aspects of these sparklers.

So, here we are going to tell you about almost every factor of this product so that you can utilise them in a better way:

1. Where to buy giant sparklers

There are lots of places from which you can buy giant sparklers. It could be any local departmental store or decoration shop or you can buy them from the wholesale market of such celebrational stuff. You can also make a purchase of giant sparklers from any online departmental store or decoration store. It will be better to choose because you can buy giant sparklers at the most affordable rates from these stores.

2. Why use giant sparklers for wedding

Giant sparklers are useful for different occasions. You can use them for all type of celebrations whether it is a birthday party, cocktail party or wedding anniversary. While the wedding ceremony is the perfect occasion for the usage of giant sparklers. You can use them on wedding ceremonies to add up an incredible charm and excitement with their giant sizes. They last for most of the time due to which you can have the celebration for most of the time.

3. Where to find giant sparklers for sale

Giant sparklers are not much rare to find. You don’t have to struggle a lot to find this product. You can easily find them from any of the nearest local departmental stores. You can also get them from any of the local decoration shops you find near your home. if you want to purchase these sparklers at the low rate from these departmental stores, then the wholesale market would be the best option in this regard. You can get them from any of the shop in the wholesale market at the most affordable price rate that you may never find anywhere else at any of the local departmental or decoration store.

Additionally, you will find giant sparklers at any of the online stores such as Alibaba and Amazon where you will get a very low rate of them from any other place but they don’t facilitate people to make a purchase of the single piece. They only sell the whole case or a pack of giant sparklers instead of the single piece, so you can purchase the whole pack or case for the first time and use the pieces inside the case whenever you want.

4. Are giant sparklers the UK available for Sale

Well, everything is available for sale in the market. Anything you look or use by any means in your daily life routine is available for sale in the market. No matter it is an extensive luxury vehicle or a small cheap pin you use for sewing purposes, you can get them from the market. similarly, giant sparklers are easily available for sale at any of the local departmental or decoration store. Although, you may have to target some particular places like well-known departmental stores instead of the nearest local ones because sometimes you may not find them over there because of the low sale and demand of this sparklers-type among people.

5. How to use giant moonlight sparklers

Using the moonlight giant sparklers is not much tricky or difficult task to perform. It is quite easy that even a 10-year-old kid can do it perfectly.

To make this happen, you just have to take the giant moonlight sparklers and place it at the place where you want it to be sparkled perfectly. After that, take the fire source and ignites the chemical inside the sparkler with that fire source by keeping them in contact with each other for a considerable time duration. If it is not being ignited even after a particular time duration, then you must have to take patience and keep trying this activity for some more time so that you properly get the desired work done.

6. Can I use giant cake sparklers for birthday

Well, you can use giant sparklers for any of the occasions you like in which you have the thing with the suitable length, weight, and size to place them on their top. In this way, there is no issue to use giant cake sparklers to use for birthday. you just have to put them on the top in the same manner as you have to do in any other situation, ignite the chemical of the sparkler and enjoy the sparking coming out of it.

7. Where to find giant legacy sparklers

Giant legacy sparklers are quite similar to the other companies’ sparklers. The only difference between them is the manufacturing company while it is no difference between the material or quality of the material used for them.

In this case, the availability of giant legacy sparklers depends upon the dealing of any store with the company. If the company has a deal with the departmental store or any other decoration store, then you will definitely find them over there. While most of the local departmental and decoration stores keep giant legacy sparklers for sale, so you can get them over there. Additionally, you can find them at any of the online departmental stores such as Alibaba or Amazon because they sell all the company’s product through the means of their store.

8. Why should I buy giant sparklers

Purchasing giant sparklers is not much any worrying task that any person has to highly think about it. While there are some concerns that you must have to consider before purchasing giant sparklers.

If you want to purchase the giant sparklers, then you must have to make sure that the item on which you are going to use these sparklers, must have suitable place and size to keep or hold giant sparklers on them. If the item is smaller in size, then it will not look better and also will offer you a kind of zero usefulness as compared to using the normal-sized sparkler. So, it is important to use them only for those items that may look suitable for giant sparklers.

9. Can I use giant gold sparklers on the wedding cake

You can use any kind of sparklers on wedding cakes, no matter it is small or giant in size. Also, the golden colour is the most versatile colour considered in all type of sparklers to use at any kind of occasions. In this case, if you have giant gold sparklers, then you will not any other thing for enhancing the charm of your celebrations because they are the perfect combination for a perfect birthday party. While you have to make sure that no kid may get in contact with the ignited giant sparkler because the sparking coming out of them can harm their skins.

10. Are giant sparklers available at a lower price

Giant sparklers are available at all type of prices in the market. you can purchase them at the highest rate from the market, similarly at the least price from any place in the market. In the case of highest prices, you can get gotten by the shopkeeper at any of the local departmental or decoration stores, but if you want to get them at the lowest price from the market, then the wholesale market of such kind of stuff is the perfect option in this regard. You will get the most suitable and lowest prices at the wholesale market. additionally, you can find them at any of the online stores such as Alibaba and Amazon because they offer the most suitable prices that you may even not find at the wholesale market.

11. Are giant moonlight sparklers expensive

Well, there are different prices you will get from the market of giant sparklers. These prices can depend upon the quality of the material which further depends upon the company of those giant sparklers. While giant moonlight sparklers offer better quality material which quite increases the rate of the product but it is not much high that people cannot afford. So, it is clearly said that you can also get these sparklers at a reasonable price from the market.

12. How can I light giant sparklers

Lighting giant sparklers are very much easy task to perform. It does not offer any tricky or difficult situation from which you have to pass through to light up the giant sparklers. It is quite similar to the procedure that you have to follow to light up the other regular sparklers.

To perform this task, you have to take any fire source and make its contact with the end of the giant sparkler where you will find a thin piece of paper. Under this paper, there is a chemical that is ignitable and emits sparklers after being ignited. Keep the contact of the fire with this paper until the chemical properly gets ignited.

Some of the times it happens that the paper or chemical does not light up frequently when you make contact of fire with it. While in this case, you have to keep calm and keep contacting the fire source with the paper and keep going this activity until the paper perfectly lights up.

13. How long will giant sparklers burn

Giant sparklers burn for more time duration as compared to other normal sparklers. They keep emitting the sparkles for most of the time that you can enjoy all the moments of a particular event such as cake-cutting on a birthday party.

They keep going burning for more time duration because it is big in size as compared to other sparklers. In this way, they can normally burn for almost up to 10 to 15 seconds easily.

14. Are giant sparklers safe to use

Giant sparklers are quite safe to use. They don’t offer any kind of such severe harms even if somebody gets in contact with them. While you keep small kids away from them because their sensitive skin can be severely harmed with the sparkles coming out of them. Additionally, you have to keep the highly ignitable material such as petrol or alcohol away from the sparkles emitting out of the giant sparklers because they can cause a huge explosion in some cases.

15. Can I get giant sparklers numbers for birthday

Giant sparklers are available in different styles and format. You can find them in different designs in the market. while one of the formats of the giant sparklers that are commonly used and available in the market are numbers. You can find giant sparklers in all the numeric shapes that people can use to make any particular number to place on the cake or any other item. They are usually used to showcase the age of the birthday boy or girl on the cake or the years that you have to spend with your life partner altogether. In this way, you can make special moments more special for your loved ones.

16. Are giant sparklers alphabets available

Most of the time it happens that people require some particular wordings to showcase on the top of the cake or any other item. They love to see those wordings such the name of the birthday boy or girl, or any particular name such as “Happy birthday” or “Happy Wedding” phrase on the top of the cake.

In this case, alphabetic giant sparklers prove very much beneficial because they fulfil these requirements and also add up an amazing charm into the environment this way. You can get the alphabetic giant sparklers and make any particular name or phrase you want, or you can simply place the initial of the name to whom you want to dedicate the whole evening.


So, consider all the above-described aspects of giant sparklers and make sure to use in them in the best way you can. If you are interested in buying giant sparklers then please follow this link: https://www.sparklers.co.uk/collections/giant-sparklers