Tesco Sparklers vs Sparklers.co.uk

So who will between Tesco Sparklers and Sparklers.co.uk

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There’s nothing quite as delightful as using sparklers to jazz up a celebration. Whether it’s a birthday party, BBQ or simply celebrating a warm summer night, sparklers are a festival of lights that can’t help but bring a smile to your face. But while many people will casually pick up a pack of sparklers from the supermarket shelves, is that really the best choice? This article will unpack just how much value you would get from Tesco sparklers as you would from Sparklers.co.uk.


Price difference between Tesco Sparklers and Sparklers.co.uk

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On the surface, it seems obvious why someone would look to Tesco or any average supermarket for their sparklers: the price. You typically won’t pay more than £2 for sparklers from Tesco and you can even find cake sparklers for as low as £1.25. The value, however, stops there.


From Sparklers.co.uk, you can buy from £7.99, but unlike Tesco, that will get you 50 sparklers, rather than a paltry ten… or in some cases, only one! The value only increases as you buy in bulk.

Delivery Options between Tesco Sparklers and Sparklers.co.uk

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Tesco is, of course, a supermarket first and foremost. This does mean that there are minimum order requirements to get delivery. You won’t be able to simply pick a cheap pack of Tesco sparklers and hit deliver. Additionally, you will also be competing for one of Tesco’s limited delivery slots, so next day delivery cannot be guaranteed and you may end up paying a whopping £5.50 only fees alone!


Sparklers.co.uk could not be more different. As a premier sparkler wholesaler, Sparklers.co.uk are built for the dedicated buyer. This means no limits or minimums on delivery, guaranteed next day delivery if you order before 3 PM, and a no-hassle, free returns policy.

Choice and Variety with Tesco Sparklers and Sparklers.co.uk

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If you are looking for variety in your choice of sparklers; Tesco is not the answer. Altogether, you have half dozen options, none of which are particularly grand. It’s understandable, these choices are bare-bones and geared towards basic children’s parties. Your options are limited to basic sparklers, sparkler candles and one solitary cake sparkler.


Sparklers.co.uk, on the other hand, offer a huge range of options. They cater for celebrations of all shapes and sizes (and it shows).


Food-Safe Tesco Sparklers and Sparklers.co.uk

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Few things light up a birthday like candle sparklers. Sparklers.co.uk offers a number of exciting food-safe sparklers including ones for cake and champagne. On the other hand, the cake sparklers Tesco offer are limited to the most basic cake sparklers with no customisation options. There is only one variation of candle sparkler Tesco have apart from the garden variety flaming fountain, so it’s clear that complex cake ideas are not an option.


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One of the perks of using Sparklers.co.uk is the breadth of customisation options. Everything from letters, shapes and numbers for cakes, to personalised covers and tags or of course, every colour under the rainbow. You truly have everything you need to make your celebration: yours.


In contrast, Tesco lacks any real customisation options and merely takes an ‘off the shelf’ approach… what you see is what you get.

Customer Service

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As an established brand, Tesco does have a robust customer service platform in place. These include dedicated phone lines and an expansive FAQ page. Their returns policy means you should be able to receive a refund for any defective or spoiled items (though this offer does not extend to gift cards).


Sparklers.co.uk takes a customer-focused approach to customer service. As such, they provide many benefits to ensure a great buying experience including:


  • UK Stockist
  • 24Hr Next Working Day Delivery
  • All Our Products Meets UK BS Standards
  • Expert Technical Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee (With Further 5% Discount)
  • No Hassle Free Returns Policy


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Finally, this comparison wouldn’t matter if we couldn’t gauge quality and customer satisfaction. For the sparklers Tesco offer, the reviews are inconsistent, to say the least. Some items, like the flame fountains, are well received and average 5 stars. However, many of their regular sparklers are reviewed poorly, many of which blame a poor quality of product and average around 1 star. Across all lines of sparklers Tesco have, the average rating is 2.3 out of 5… not exactly inspiring confidence.


Sparklers.co.uk on the other hand have a dedicated testimonials page, where you can see the reviews of happy customers. With a solid 5 Star rating across the board, customers have praised the quality and safety of products, as well as the quality service and delivery times. Once again, Sparklers.co.uk is the clear winner.

Summary: Which Should You Buy?

While it seems clear that Sparklers.co.uk is the superior option, it’s important to note that both of these choices have their place. Tesco is geared towards convenience. If you are having a kids birthday party and are running out at the last minute for cake sparklers: Tesco is your answer. However, if you’re planning in advance for something more grandiose like a wedding or New Years party, Sparklers.co.uk has everything you need. Whether it’s variety, customisation or value for money, Sparklers.co.uk should be your first port of call.