Pack Of 4 Wedding Sparklers



Pack of 4 Wedding Sparklers:

Assorted sized sparklers in a variety of lovely and coloured effects.

Pack of 4 Wedding Sparklers – The Precious Pack:

Usher in the most important day of your life with 4 of these sparkling beauties in a range of sizes, colours and effects. See our sparklers in action online, and hurry to pick up your pack now - we offer free delivery on purchases over 75 pounds!

Choose the Pack of 4 Wedding Sparklers because…

They will definitely highlight your day and bring some extra joy into your lives! Buy them in bigger quantities, and you can stand the chance of getting more discounts on your purchase as well.

Special features of Pack of 4 Wedding Sparklers:

Size: 4”, 7”, 10”, 14”, 16”, 17”, 18”, Assorted Sizes

(Please note that our 4 inch, 7 inch, 16 inch and 17 inch sparklers only come in the gold effect)

Effects: Gold, Crackling, Coloured, Mixed Effect.

See our video below of Pack of 4 Wedding Sparklers Online:




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