200 (Gold Effect) Outdoor Wedding Sparklers

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200 Wedding Exit Sparklers FEATURES / HOW IT WORKS

  • Sparkler Type: Sparklers
  • Sparkler Coating: Grey
  • Sparkler Burn Effect: Gold
  • Sparkler Used For: Handheld
  • Sparkler Safety Caution: Under Adult Supervision at All Times
  • Outdoor Sparklers: Yes, Low Smoke Levels
  • Sparkler Expiry Date: FEB 2024
  • 4" Inch length sparklers last around 25 Seconds
  • 7" Inch length sparklers last around 40 Seconds
  • 10" Inch length sparklers last around 60 Seconds
  • 14" Inch length sparklers last around 1 min 10 Seconds
  • 16 Inch length sparklers last around 1 Min 25 Seconds 
  • 18" Inch length sparklers last around 1 Min 40 Seconds
  1. We have also given you the selection of different sizes in the option section please select carefully. 
  2. NOT SURE WHAT SIZE YOU WANT? We also sell A Sparkler Sample Pack For £4.95 With One Of Each Sparkler Above.

The Stunning 200 Wedding Exit Sparklers for Event Celebration

Our 200 Wedding Exit Sparklers is best for any event celebration. Its gold burning effects catch the attention of viewers and make the event more joyful.


200 Wedding Exit Sparklers Available of Affordable Price

These best quality 200 Wedding Exit Sparklers are available in different size, so you can easily buy according to your choice. It is available in 4, 7, 10, 14, 16 and 18 inch length and its coating time is according to its size.