200 Sparklers




200 Sparklers

A bit of wonderful sparkler fun for everyone.

200 Sparklers – The Inclusive Package

Whether it’s a party or celebration, make sure your guests have the best by selecting this collection. Take a look at our sparklers in action online before purchase them.

Why should 200 Sparklers be your ideal choice?

There’s always something about sparklers that leaves everyone feeling like a kid again. With this range, there’s enough to go around so that every guests can get in on the sparkler fun!

Special features of 200 Sparklers:

Size: 7", 10”, 14", 16”, 18”

NOT SURE WHAT SIZE YOU WANT? We also sell A Sparkler Sample Pack For £4.95 With One Of Each Sparkler Above.

Colour: Gold

See before you buy an example of our 200 sparklers in action



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