150 Packs Sparklers




150 Packs Sparklers

For golden-glowing sparklers that leave your guests mesmerised.

150 Packs Sparklers – The Party Staple

If you have a party planned, make sure you invest in our wonderful selection of 150 packs sparklers. Have a sneak  peek of our sparklers in action below

Snap up your 150 Packs Sparklers today!

This collection of sparklers will definitely leave a ‘golden effect’ on your guests, and leave them wanting more!

Special features of 150 Packs Sparklers:

Size: 7", 10”,14", 16”, 18”

NOT SURE WHAT SIZE YOU WANT? We also sell A Sparkler Sample Pack For £4.95 With One Of Each Sparkler Above.

Colour: Gold

An example below of our 16 INCH 150 Packs Sparklers in action

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