1000 x Sparklers




1000 x Sparklers

For scintillating sparkler fun x 1000!

1000 x Sparklers – Top Sparkler Choice

What’s better than one sparkler? It’s a thousand of ‘em! Choose our 1000 x Sparkler combo, see their sparklers in action demo online and get started on your way to purchasing them!

Why chose the 1000 x Sparkler combo?

These sparklers are a must-have for every fun event or party, as they make things all the more exciting!

Special features of 1000 x sparklers:

Size: 7", 10”, 14", 16”, 18”

NOT SURE WHAT SIZE YOU WANT? We also sell A Sparkler Sample Pack For £4.95 With One Of Each Sparkler Above.

Colour: Gold

Here is an example of our 1000 x sparklers in action:


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