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Star Shaped Sparklers

Star Shaped - 7" Inch Gold Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Star Shaped - 7" Inch Silver Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Star Shaped - 7" Inch Pink Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Star Shaped - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Star Shaped - 7" Inch Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


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Star Shaped Sparklers – Bring the Stars To Your Party!

In case you are planning a party or some other special event, you are interested to find out what you can do to make that even more exciting and exceptional. Without any doubt, star shaped sparklers should be on top of your list. Almost every person had the chance to light a sparkler when they were kids and to use one as adults will bring some fantastic memories and make them feel excited again. If you allow them to use or watch even one star shaped sparkler, they will enjoy your birthday, wedding, graduation or any other event more. The atmosphere will become much more festive and joyful.

What makes star shaped sparklers special?

Whenever someone mentions celebrations or parties, we usually think about few things that seem to be inevitable on these occasions like – special drinks, cakes and decorations. This is some standard for such times, but if you want to make something different, you should look for sparklers that come in an exciting form. Star Shaped Sparklers are a type of mini pyrotechnic product that can be used almost everywhere – cakes, on the ground, in our hands etc. They are capable of producing incredible, colourful sparks and special effects.

People have invented celebrations as a way to share their happiness and love with the people who they feel close. Also, this is a time when we share our hopes and dreams. The star is a symbol of prosperity, understanding and wisdom.

Star shaped sparklers are found in every established store dedicated to sparklers. These sparklers are safe, and their use is simple, so even if you have not used sparklers before, you should consider them for the next celebration. We are sure that the guests will be thrilled when they find out that you (or they) will use Star Shaped Sparklers. Also, a star is a universal symbol so that they can match any decoration used on the event and they are suitable for every type of event. What makes them even more special is that they come in different colours too. You can find silver, blue, gold, pink and other colours used in these products.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about the place where your event will be organised because they work in the same way both outside and inside. They don’t produce smoke or smell, at least not in an amount that is noticeable.

When is the right time to use star shaped sparklers?

The simple answer is – at any time! People use star shaped sparklers on weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, religious festivals (because stars are a universal symbol used in almost any religion) and public holidays like New Year’s Eve for example.  They can be used before, and during a celebration and in many cases, people use them to mark the end of some party.

Star shaped sparklers are available at Sparklers.co.uk and what we promise is the best prices for the high-quality sparklers in our offer.


These Star Shaped Sparklers would be ideal as Eid Sparklers

Why you should buy from our Star Shaped Sparklers collection

Our star shaped sparklers will add a fun and memorable experience to your special occasion. These sparklers are ideal for occasions where there is cake, as they can be put on top of the cake to decorate it. Share this practical and fun experience with your guests for less than the cost of lunch by taking advantage of our fantastic prices today!

Blast off your party with a memorable experience by using our wonderful selection of sparklers we have for sale in our Star Shaped Sparklers collection. These sparklers will not let you down as they will be a great and practical cake decoration for you to share with your guests. We have a range of Star Shaped - 7" Inch Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1) with the colours of blue, silver, pink and gold to suit your needs for a reasonable price!

Want a basic yet wonderful star shaped sparkler to decorate your cake with? Try out our Star Shaped - 7" Inch Coated Sparklers which comes in a pack of 1. This sparkler can be coated in your colour choice of either gold, silver, pink or blue (choose on the product listing page). Furthermore, it has a luxurious gold sparkler burning effect to make it a more memorable experience for both you and your guests. The length size of the sparkler allows it to last approximately 40 seconds.

Caution: Our sparklers are only to be used under full adult supervision

Benefits of purchasing from our Star Shaped Sparklers collection

Purchasing from our range of Star Shaped Sparklers does have its perks to it. Some of which we will be stated below:

  • We are one of the few sellers in this industry who, if customers are not satisfied with their purchase, provide a full refund. This means that you can buy with confidence and if you are not happy with your purchase, simply get in touch with us and we'll sort it out for you. It's simple.
  • Our Star Shaped Sparklers are excellent and ideal for birthday parties. We have a range of assorted colours to suit your needs from silver, gold, blue and pink. So, if you're planning a coloured theme party, then why not grab some of our star shaped sparklers?
  • Our star shaped sparklers are cheap and affordable yet safe and quality products. Our sparklers will not let you down and embarrass you in front of your friends and family. One of the last things you'd want is to find out you've bought a faulty sparkler for your party. Well, with us you won't have to worry about that as our sparklers are quality products.


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Remember, buy with confidence as we do offer a money back guarantee because if you're not happy, then we're not happy!