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Single Ignition Fireworks

Black Cat - Arcadia Firework (112 Shots)


Black Cat - Excelsior Firework (186 Shots)


Black Cat - Fiesta Firework (37 Shots)


Black Cat - Thriller Firework (55 Shots)


Black Cat - Pyro Pandemonium Firework (206 Shots)


Standard Black Cat - Big Bang 11 Fireworks Kit (327 Shots)


Standard Black Cat - Ignition 6 Fireworks Kit (475 Shots)


Standard Black Cat - Ultimate 56 Fireworks Kit (650 Shots)


Standard - Standing Ovation Firework (72 Shots)


Single ignition fireworks for long-lasting fun

There are many people who agree that any type of celebration from birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and graduations are a good excuse for the use of fireworks. If you think about it, you will realize that they add atmosphere to any event and give the guests another good reason to remember that special occasion. In the past, people had limited choices when we talk about fireworks and many of them were forced to use special firework display companies in order to enjoy the special effects that these devices produce. Fortunately, things are very different today because people can buy and use any type of firework. One of the types that are getting quite popular today is single ignition fireworks.

What are single ignition fireworks?

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to use a few different effects found in popular fireworks at once? You have probably thought about placing these fireworks close to each other and igniting them in the same moment. Obviously, this will work, but the guests at your event will have to look at different places at once. This is the reason why the designers and engineers that work at the most popular manufacturers of pyrotechnic devices have come up with a very practical solution – single ignition fireworks.

The simplest definition of single ignition fireworks is that they are a type of firework that uses a mixture of more than one type of firework (typically Roman candle fireworks, fountain fireworks and firework mines) that is shot in the air with only one ignition. These barrages created by the device are very popular today and there is more than one good reason for that.

To start with, they will save you a lot of time. Single ignition fireworks don’t require any special timing and using synchronized ignition. In addition, you won’t need the help of your friends or professional service providers to ignite them because there is only one fuse. Furthermore, they look very similar to the professional firework displays that we see on public holidays made by pros in this field. Finally, since all these different effects are packed in one device, they are less expensive than buying separate fireworks.

If you want to get the effects that you want, you must carefully read the label of the single ignition firework that you are interested in. The label will tell you exactly what types of displays are there and what kind of colour and sound effects they produce. Of course, some of these fireworks last longer while others last for a shorter period of time. Pick the one that will suit your event the most.

Finding single ignition fireworks

With so many firework suppliers it is sometimes difficult to be sure that you are making the right decision. If you want to avoid any hassles and problems, you should choose our company. We have the necessary experience and we provide single ignition fireworks from top brands. Thanks to these fireworks you can rest assured that your event will go smoothly.