Outdoor Sparklers

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Outdoor Sparklers – Sparklers can provide great fun outside too!

Sparklers are a very important part of almost every celebration. It is believed that the first sparklers were used in China many centuries ago. They were considered to be a special type of small stick fireworks that can be held in hands. They were used in outdoor celebrations, so basically the first sparklers were actually outdoor sparklers. An outdoor sparkler is a type of sparkler that is used out of the home or any other building.

What are outdoor sparklers?

Outdoor sparklers are the first type of sparklers and judging by the number of sales, they are among the most popular ones. People outside China started using these sparklers in the 14th century. The basic idea behind these interesting small sticks that produce sparkles is to resemble the stars on the sky. People were amazed by the fact that they can hold such an interesting item in their hands and soon after they were introduced, outdoor sparklers became one of the basic elements of every celebration.

If we divide sparklers in groups depending on the place where they are used we can talk about two basic types – indoor sparklers and outdoor sparklers. The main difference in their design is the material used in them. When sparklers are used outside they don’t have to be small or adequate to the space. People also don’t have to worry much about the smoke or odour, although modern outdoor sparklers are usually odourless and don’t present a safety hazard. In addition, outdoor sparklers are usually brighter because they have to be seen in a larger space and this is especially important when we are talking about day events and parties.

Popular sparkler suppliers like Sparklers.co.uk offer outdoor sparklers that can produce different effects (sparkles in different colours). They also have sparklers in different forms and sizes. These sparklers usually come in the form of regular sparklers or ice fountain candles.

Where to use outdoor sparklers?

Well, the obvious answer to this question is outside, but what are some of the events where you can use these magical sparklers? First of all, people use them on their weddings. Imagine a wedding venue filled with sparklers positioned on different places. They will create an excellent effect even if the wedding takes place in a yard or some restaurant with an outdoor venue. Many people also use it on birthday parties, business celebration events, graduation, certain holidays and other special occasions.

When it comes to the positioning, outdoor sparklers are usually used on cakes because almost every celebration has a cake which is the central object of the celebration and something that every attendee will remember. Of course, you can use these outdoor sparklers in any other place you want because they are small and convenient and completely harmless. Finally, people also use them as hand held sparklers too. In this way you let all the attendees participate in the celebration.

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