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Number Sparklers

Number - 7" Inch Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number Ice Fountain Sparklers 6" Inch Indoor Use ( PACK OF 1 )


Number 0 - 7" Inch Gold Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 0 - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 0 - 7" Inch Pink Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 0 - 7" Inch Silver Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 1 - 7" Inch Gold Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 1 - 7" Inch Blue Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


Number 1 - 7" Inch Pink Coated Sparklers (PACK OF 1)


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Number Sparklers – Personalise your next big celebration

Numbers are mathematical objects used to label, measure and count. We use numbers on a daily basis. Certain numbers mean a lot more than the rest of the numbers. These numbers are used to mark our age, some important dates and many other things. They can often be seen on celebrations and parties. If you want to highlight certain numbers on your next big celebration you should definitely consider number sparklers. A number sparkler can help anyone show their age at their birthday party or mark some date that was important to them.

The advantages of using number sparklers

Sparklers are used in many different occasions today. They can enrich the experience of attendees of any festival, party or celebration. There is more than one good reason why people choose sparklers – they are entertaining, original and fun. If you perform a short research, you will notice that there are many different sparklers on the market today. They have different styles and sizes. But, in case you want to emphasize your uniqueness and you prefer personalized decorations, you should use items like number sparklers.

Thanks to number sparklers, you can add a special message or state your current age and light them  any time you want. Now let’s see why people use number sparklers.

In addition to the great chance to show their current age or send some numerical message, people often use number sparklers to increase the joy and mood among the attendees of the event. The vast majority of adults have used sparklers when they were young and they probably still remember how happy they were when they have watched sparklers burning or when they held one in the hand. Although this feeling probably cannot be repeated, number sparklers can surely remind you of these years and bring a smile on your face. There are many people who use sparklers just to remind the younger generation about the joy in such simple things and that not everything in the world revolves around electronic devices.

Number sparklers are also very popular because they are simple to use. If you are planning to use some, you don’t need to learn anything even if this is the first time that you use such sparklers. You can place them on your own and do the same once they are used. If you don’t want to lose time on your celebration, simply ask someone to light them up. Sounds very easy, right?

Number sparklers come in many styles and colours. Modern sparklers of this kind are made of special materials, although most of them are silver coated. They last for a long period of time and they don’t produce intense smoke or odor which is great for indoor use.

Where should you use number sparklers?

These sparklers are suitable for any place or surface. However, the vast majority of people use them as sparklers for cake. As we have said before, they can show the age you have reached and lit while everyone is singing the Happy Birthday song. In addition, you can use them on weddings, graduate parties and many other events.

We have a great selection of Numbered Sparklers. Instead of using normal candles why not try our number sparklers for cakes. We have selection of Pink, Blue, Gold and silver which come 0 to 9. These are great for Birthday, wedding and any other type of party.

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