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Guy Fawkes Sparklers

Pack Of 4 Night Star – 14” Inch Medium Crackling Sparklers


Pack Of 4 Night Star – 14” Inch Medium Sparklers


Pack Of 4 Bright Star – 14” Inch Coloured Monster Medium Sparklers


Pack Of 4 Bright Star – 14” Inch Crackling Monster Medium Sparklers


Pack Of 4 Bright Star – 14” Inch Monster Medium Sparklers


Pack Of 5 Standard – 10” Inch Legacy Regular Sparklers


Pack Of 5 Benwell - 10" Inch Regular Sparklers


Pack Of 5 Benwell – 7” Inch Small Sparklers


Pack Of 5 Brothers – 10” Inch Aces Regular Sparklers


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Guy Fawkes Sparklers for a spectacular Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes is a very popular annual celebration that takes place in all parts of the United Kingdom. This is actually a commemoration of the arrest of Guy Fawkes, a person who was part of the Gunpowder Plot. What is interesting is that this event is also called Bonfire Night or Firework Night so using sparklers seems like a logical thing! There are specially designed Guy Fawkes sparklers that can spice up this amazing celebration. A good Guy Fawkes sparkler will last for a long time emitting sparklers and flames in various colours.

The benefits of Guy Fawkes sparklers

Firework Night is one of the names of this special event. Celebrations include lighting candles, making bonfires, using fireworks and sparklers. It lasts for only one night and thousands of people from the United Kingdom use this opportunity to test some new and exciting sparklers. Of course, they can use other festive items too, but the fact is that Guy Fawkes sparklers are perfect because they can be used by anyone. They come with very interesting effects and on top of that modern Guy Fawkes sparklers emit flames too.

This unique holiday is celebrated every year on 5th November and pyrotechnics play significant role in the celebration. The sky is covered with the incredible display of different fireworks on that night and this is a tradition that is practised for many years since the event took place in the beginning of the 17th century. There is evidence that people have used Guy Fawkes sparklers in the past, but they have witnessed an increased popularity in the last 20 years because the modern sparklers are more sophisticated, interesting and exciting. You can also find them in regular and online stores too.

Guy Fawkes sparklers are specially designed to withstand external influences because they are usually used outside. However, if you are planning to mark this holiday at your home, you don’t have to worry about anything because they are safe for indoor use too. They might produce some smoke and smell, but this is something that is barely noticeable.

What is probably more important is that Guy Fawkes sparklers are available in many sizes. Starting from mini sparklers to large sparklers, it is up to you to find the size that suits you the best. In addition, if you want to make this event even more fun, you can use sparklers in various colours. Pink, blue, gold coated, silver coated and few other colours are available in the offer of popular sparkler suppliers like

How to use Guy Fawkes sparklers in the right way?

Despite their special purpose, Guy Fawkes sparklers are not very different in terms of use compared to other sparklers. You can easily notice how the rest of the people are using their sparklers and use them in the same way. Don’t use them very close to your face or close to some flammable sources.

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