Fountain Fireworks

Fountain Fireworks for Long-Lasting Fun

Without any doubts, fireworks are an entertaining and memorable way to celebrate special moments and holidays. However, many people avoid them because they don’t have any experience with this type of displays. This is why it always a good idea to learn something more about fireworks. For instance, the fact is that there are different types of fireworks and fountain fireworks are one of the most popular kinds. What is even better is that the industry focused on the production of fireworks and sparklers has made significant progress in the past few years and we can now enjoy many different varieties of these products.

Fountain Fireworks – What are they?

Generally speaking, fountain fireworks are placed on the ground and they are known for their continuous emission of sparks. This column of sparks created by fountain fireworks from ground level is usually noiseless. However, if you want to spice up things a little bit and you don’t think that powerful audio effects will ruin your event, you can also opt for fountain sparklers that produce crackling and whistling sounds.

This type of fireworks is known as volcano firework. In some cases, people call them conic fireworks, but this term should be used only for bigger fountains. These items are known for the fantastic display that lasts for many minutes. Conic fireworks usually produce only one effect, but since they last for a long time, they are popular among many people.

According to many experts, those who want to make better effects should use a firework that has only one effect. However, colourful and noisy fountain fireworks can be attractive too especially if they are displayed in larger crowds. It is good to mention that there are gold fountain fireworks, but they usually produce much weaker results and most of them look like a continuous flame than fireworks.

As we have already mentioned, there are many multi-effect fountain fireworks present on the market. They come in the form of cylinders, rectangles, cakes etc. What is interesting about them is that they come with several tubes and each tube has different performance and effects. For instance, they can create sparks in different colours. Some of them can produce a display with different audio effects etc. The only downside is that they don’t last for a long time and each effect is seen for a limited period of time.

There are also so-called gerb fountain fireworks which represent a more sophisticated version of conic fireworks. The difference between them and regular conic fountains is the intensity. Once you activate the gerb firework you will get the same effects from the beginning till the end. Conic fireworks start slowly, reach culmination and gradually fade away.

Buying Fountain Fireworks

Many famous brands produce fountain fireworks and they have this kind of fireworks in different shapes, sizes and items that produce different effects. It is the best idea to use a secure online store specialized in fireworks and sparklers like where you can find different models from famous manufacturers. 

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