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17 inch Sparklers – A special size for a special occasion!

Pyrotechnics, including fireworks and sparklers, were first created in China. According to some historians, Chinese people enjoyed sparklers more than 20 centuries ago. Since then, sparklers are one of the most anticipated events for attendees of any type of celebrations and parties. The best part is that there is a huge range of sparklers to choose from. 17-inch sparklers are surely attractive for both kids and adults. A 17-inch sparkler is not a sparkler with an atypical size that promises great fun.


When and why use 17-inch sparklers?

The truth is that the people in the past didn’t have many options when it comes to decorating parties and making an event special. They had only a few items they could use and they were present in only a few forms. The situation was not much different when it comes to sparklers. They’ve used standard-sized sparklers in two or three colours. The sparklers were used outdoors or when they were used inside, they had to take special safety measures.

People in modern times can have a vast selection of sparklers. Although each category of sparklers comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, 17-inch sparklers have proven to be especially attractive. They are very easy to spot because of their unusual size. They resemble miniature fireworks.

Know your 17-Inch Sparklers

The fact is that 17-inch sparklers are one of the longest-lasting sparklers on the market. While their size is impressive, this doesn’t mean that the rest of their features are average. If you choose a well-established sparkler supplier to buy 17-inch sparklers, you will learn that these sparklers are available in various shapes, patterns, styles and colours. The gold colour is certainly the favourite colour among party-goers. You can also find star-shaped and heart-shaped sparklers.

We don’t know about other sparkler suppliers, but we can guarantee for the ones we have in the offer – they are made of excellent materials built to last. These materials are also very safe and it won’t be a problem if your event takes place inside your home or in an indoor venue. The way these sparklers are used is the same as the way you use other sparklers. Those who have never used a sparkler before (we know that their number is small) should know that all you need is a matchbox or a lighter and the fun can start.

17-inch sparklers are suitable for every setting and for every occasion. Wedding ceremonies, graduation parties, birthday parties or even retirement parties are the perfect occasions to light up a sparkler of this size. You can also use them on any holiday celebration be it civic or religious. 


Choose Sparklers.co.uk when you need 17-inch sparklers

Instead of spending time browsing websites, we encourage you to take a look at our catalogue. We have the ideal 17-inch sparklers for you. They are manufactured by top-notch sparkler manufacturers and built to last. The sparklers they emit will be remembered for a long time.

We have wonderful 17 Inch Gold Big Sparklers in stock which make great Party, Birthday and Wedding Sparklers.

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