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16 Inch Sparklers

Pack Of 5 Standard – 16” Inch Giant Long Legacy Sparklers


Pack Of 5 Standard – 16” Inch Giant Long Sparklers


Pack Of 10 British Bulldog – 16” Inch Mega Long Sparklers


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16 inch sparklers – Enhance the Effects of Your Sparkler Display

A sparkler is usually defined as a type of firework that burns very slowly and emits a shower of sparks and flames. You can tell by the definition that this is something interesting to watch. If you are like most people you have probably witnessed a sparkler display at least once in your life. You probably still remember how excited and happy everyone was and this is the reason why you should use sparklers on your next celebration or party. In order to enhance the effects, you will need to bring the big guys – 16 inch sparklers! A 16 inch sparkler is more than twice of the size of regular sparklers, so you can imagine what they can do on a party.

An introduction to 16 inch sparklers

If you are organizing a celebration or you want to surprise the host of a party, you have several options. You can learn some new dance, you can dress in a special way or you can simply use a sparkler. Sparklers have been popular for centuries or from the moment they were invented in China. Other nations have desperately tried to design these interesting decorations. Today, companies from every part of the world produce sparklers and these products are more available than ever.

16 inch sparklers are relatively new product on the market because in the past, manufacturers were not able to produce sparklers with this size because of the safety. Today, they are able to produce perfectly safe 16 inch sparklers with equally amazing (or even better) effects like the rest of the sparklers. In addition to their size, they use special materials that extend their durability and the length of their effects. In other words, you can enjoy these sparkles and flames for a very long period of time.

Just like the versions that come in other sizes, 16 inch sparklers can be found in different styles, patterns, shapes and colours. All you need to do is to find the ones that match the theme or overall decoration on your event.

If you want to know where you can use these specific sparklers, we will get straight to the point – they can be used anywhere you want at any period of the day. It doesn’t matter if your event is outside or inside or whether it is held during night time or at noon, the effects they can produce are equally impressive.

In addition, you can use them on every type of celebration and party like birthday parties or weddings. Some people use them on graduation parties or certain religious holidays like Diwali or Christmas. Needless to say, they are frequently used on New Year’s Eve too.

How to buy 16 inch sparklers?

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