Pyrotechnics: A Short Guide

Pyrotechnics is a term used to describe the use of materials that have an ability to cause spectacular chemical reactions that produce sounds, smoke, light, heat and/or gas. In most cases, when people are talking about pyrotechnics they mean fireworks, but the broader term includes some other items like oxygen candles and safety matches for example.

Pyrotechnics have been used for hundreds of years and this concept originates from China. Today, there are dozens of manufacturers focused on pyrotechnics. Products like this are typically used for special events and celebrations like birthday parties, concert, festivals, weddings etc.

Learning more about pyrotechnics

It is good to know that pyrotechnics has a special subgroup known as proximate pyrotechnics. This is a term that includes pyrotechnic driven effects that we are used seeing events that are organized by the entertainment industry. They are also known as special effects and theatrical special effects. The reason why they are called proximate is simple – they are used close to the audience. However, since these pyrotechnics create flames, smoke, flashes, fireworks, and explosions, it is highly recommended to leave their use to experienced technicians. There are many musical bands that use pyrotechnics on their live tours.

Pyrotechnics used today can be separated into a few different groups. In most cases, they are categorized based on the effects they create or the way they were manufactured. We will highlight a few examples in this short guide.

Strobe – this item creates flares that are based on white or brightly coloured magnesium. it creates repetitive flashes too.

Gerb – this is actually a fountain of sparks, but it can come in the form of a waterfall and whistle too.

Airburst – this represents a hanging charge created to burst into different spheres of sparks.

Wheels – they are specially designed tubes that make a spinning wheel of sparks.

Line rockets – coloured and/or whistling rocket pyrotechnic devices that are attached on guide cables.

Fireballs, mines, binary powders, squibs, lances, flash paper – these are few other modern pyrotechnic items that people can find on the market today.

Modern manufacturers are using different ingredients in these items to create a wide array of sparks, noises, smoke, and colours, While we are talking about pyrotechnics, we should also mention display pyrotechnics or commercial fireworks. They create much bigger displays and provide more memorable effects. Finally, there is consumer pyrotechnics that can be bought by the general public. They don’t represent a serious threat, but they should be handled carefully. That’s why you should always follow the instructions on the product’s package.

Where to buy pyrotechnics?

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