Fireworks UK: A Basic Guide

Even though it all started about 11 centuries ago in the Far East, fireworks are now popular all over the world. Of course, the United Kingdom is not an exception. In fact, fireworks are loved around the country. Whenever there are special celebrations or occasions in the United Kingdom, people can rest assured that they will witness a magnificent fireworks display. In addition, people have started using fireworks on their private parties too. Of course, depending on the category of fireworks you may need to obtain permission for a display like this on your private party.

Fireworks UK: history, use, and types

It’s not known for sure when fireworks were used for the first time in the United Kingdom, but there are many sources that have confirmed that their use was popular in the 15th century. Obviously, the famous Bonfire Night on November 5th, 1605 is a significant date for the use of fireworks.

Even today, people in the UK are using fireworks on Bonfire Night. Of course, people use them on New Year’s Eve too and few other special dates.

As one of the most developed countries in the world, the United Kingdom has a huge market for fireworks. In other words, those interested in purchasing fireworks in the United Kingdom will find a wide range of these items.

Modern fireworks are available in many different shapes, colours, and sizes. It is possible to find small fireworks which are usually used for birthday parties or wedding parties, but you can also find large fireworks which are used for festivals and public celebrations. Don’t forget that the fireworks in the UK are categorized into different categories and in order to use large fireworks you will need special permission. In addition, these large fireworks can be used only by licensed and qualified technicians.

When it comes to colours and shapes, people have a great selection to choose from. From ordinary white to multicoloured fireworks and from waterfall-like to spreading bouquets-like fireworks, you can find everything on the British market.

Despite the fact that there were many initiatives in the UK to restrict the use of fireworks which were usually published after fireworks incidents, the general public has a positive opinion about fireworks. Of course, if you want to stay on the safe side and avoid any incidents, you should use the fireworks as instructed and use fireworks manufactured by well-established brands.

Where to buy fireworks in the UK?

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