Sparklers are part of all occasions and special events as they give fireworks to increase the feel and zeal of any event. These sparklers come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and dedicatedly for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor sparklers are small and dim because they have to enlighten a very limited space. On the other hand, when it comes to outdoor sparklers, they are made of more potassium sulfate potassium perchlorate along with aluminium powder. The combination of different material used in the sparklers is called flash powder as it is responsible to produce fumes that look like flashes. Coming back to the point, in outdoor sparkler, the quantity of flash powder is more because it has to produce fireworks for a vast sky.

Questions that appear in your mind regarding outdoor sparklers their answers are given in the lines ahead:

1. How Old To Buy Outdoor Sparklers?

There are some age-restricted products that are banned for kids for their own good and security like tobacco, weapons, knives, and so as bigger outdoor sparklers. According to UK Laws and regulations, there are not only age restrictions on buying outdoor sparklers but burning them is also restricted for time and duration. However, if we talk specifically for age, according to laws of the UK, you need to be 18 or above to buy outdoor sparklers. Moreover, under eighteen adults or kids are also not allowed to possess, own, ignite fireworks alone openly in public. So, make sure to follow the rules or else serious actions can be taken against under eighteens.

2. Why Buy Outdoor Sparklers for Weddings?

Outdoor sparklers are great to add feel and zeal on weddings. Weddings are big days for not only the bride and the groom but for the whole family. To announce the wedlock the best way is to open fireworks. These outdoor sparklers are available in bigger sizes and heart shapes. You can also find alphabetical sparklers for outdoor use to ignite and sparkle with the names or slogan of the happy wedding to excite the fireworks. Therefore, to make the moment more special you must use outdoor sparklers for the wedding.

3. What Is the Difference between Outdoor Sparklers and Indoor Sparklers?

In the indoor areas food, drinks, kids, and so many things made of wood and fabric are placed so the sparklers made for indoor use have less flash powder in them. The flash powder is eatable while its fumes don’t stay for too long. The size of the indoor sparklers is also small. On the other hand, outdoor sparklers are bigger in size, they have more splash powder that allows them to sparkle and remains to burn for a longer period of time. The size of outdoor sparklers is huge and they have the power to fly and then burn on the sky. These outdoor sparklers are used to firework on weddings and especially on the New Year Nights.

4. What Is Outdoor Sparklers Age Limit?

The age limit to buy, burn, and ignite outdoor sparklers is eighteen. Well, this for own good of the kids because outdoor sparklers are made of heavy materials that not only produce heavy fumes but also blast and produce sounds. Without the intervention of adults, parents, or guardians, serious accidents can happen that will result in serious injuries. To keep kids from any sort of damage UK government has imposed a law on under eighteens that cannot buy, possess, or ignite outdoor sparklers alone in public or else serious actions will be taken against them and their parents or guardians.

5. How to Use Outdoor Sparklers?

There is no hard or fast rule behind using the outdoor sparklers however you need a large and wide space because fumes produced from such sparklers are too big and they reach to the far-off areas. Moreover, their fumes are stronger than indoor sparklers. Besides this, they have the ability to spark for too long and they fly as well to the sky before getting burned. Due to all this, space should be wider. It is better that you use balconies, roofs, seaside, or larger parks ignite outdoor sparklers. To fire them, you will use lighters or matchsticks.

6. Can I Use Outdoor Floor Sparklers on Parties?

Definitely yes! These outdoor sparklers are made to enhance the partying experience and to increase the feel of the occasion. However, as the name denotes them to be outdoor sparklers, therefore these should be used in open spaces like roofs, balconies, seashores, or gardens etc. Outdoor sparklers are strong and produce heavy fireworks that require large-sized grounds or else serious accidents can happen. Indoor places have decorations done with fabric and wood that are prone to catch fire. Make sure, when you use outdoor sparklers, they don’t come in contact with fabric or wood to avoid fire combust.

7. Are Large Outdoor Sparklers Safe to Use?

Well, anything that involves fire requires precautions before using it especially during parties and big events where all age groups are gathered and you are using heavy decorations made of fabric and wood. Moreover, rules attached to something also should be followed in order to make its use safe. Same is the case with outdoor sparklers. They are safe to use but you should take some precautions before using them. The precautions are: the place should be open, the place should be wider, and these fireworks must not come in contact with wooden or fabric things because these are prone to catch fire quickly.

8. Where to Find Outdoor Wedding Sparklers?

Outdoor sparklers are available in the stores that offer party and birthday decoration stuff. There are plenty of stores to sell party decorations in the UK. The price for these sparklers very brand wise, size-wise, and shop wisely because not all shops charge the same prices. Another place that can bring you wedding sparklers is online stores like eBay, Ali BABA, Ali Express, and Amazon etc. They have got bulk packing for sparklers. When you buy outdoor wedding sparklers in bulk, firstly you will get discount on rates. Secondly, you will have to pay fewer delivery charges for the bulk purchase. However, if you buy directly from the factories than the retailers, you can get sparklers in even fewer rates.

9. How to Use Outdoor Sparklers for Wedding?

To use outdoor sparklers properly and get the most out of them, you should book an open and wider space as a wedding venue. This is because outdoor sparklers for wedding produce heavy flames and fireworks that require wider space to burn properly without bringing any sort of inconvenience. The fireworks of outdoor sparklers need to be seen from a distance to avoid any sort of injury because they are filled with heavy quantities of flash powder. They fly in the air before getting burned. Therefore, provide them with space to fly and make big fireworks. Place them in a bottle and ignite, after that, leave the space and go to a safe distance and see the magic happening.

10. How to Light Outdoor Sparklers?

You need to give external fire to the sparklers by using matchstick, a lighter, or a candle already burning. You need to do some steps before lighting the outdoor sparklers like selecting the place, placing the sparklers, and igniting them. Place you select should be wider enough to catch the flashes appearing from the sparklers safely. To place sparklers, you can use an empty bottle of litre drinks because they give support to sparkler to stand. Make sure the sparkler doesn’t fall while burning and go straight up in the air.

11. Will Outdoor Sparklers Burn?

Outdoor sparklers are made of heavy material and quantity of flash powder that burns quickly produce very charming, enticing, and good to see fireworks. You need to make sure that sparklers you buy are not wet of dense and have been purchased from a reliable store. Sometimes, dense and wet sparklers lose their spark of burning properly. However, if the sparkler is dry and new, it will burn beautifully and add up to the feel of the event.

12. How Long Do Large Outdoor Sparklers Last?

It is said that the larger a sparkler is, the longer it will burn and heavier fumes it will produce. This is true. Larger outdoor sparklers have heavy quantities of flash powder. The flash powder is the material that helps sparklers to spark. Now, due to having heavy quantities of flash powder, the outdoor sparklers burn for longer periods of time. Their burning time can last from a few seconds to half a minute, depending upon the size.

13. Are Outdoor Sparklers Available For Sale?

If you are interested in buying outdoor sparklers, before making a purchase you need to figure out how many sparklers you need, what their size should be, and what is your budget. Now, according to your budget, if you have limited, you will have to do keen and deep research in online and physical stores to find outdoor sparklers according to your requirement. You can find to buy outdoor sparklers in the stores where you find decorative stuff for parties. Secondly, you can buy outdoor sparklers from online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Ali BABA in bulk and convenient prices.

14. Where to Find Cheap Outdoor Sparklers?

If you are searching for cheap outdoor sparklers, you have to buy them in bulk. Remember, whatever you buy, bulk rates are always cheaper than the retail rates especially for things like needles, buttons, sparklers, pencils, and smaller things like them. Online portals like Amazon, eBay, and Ali BABA always present sale offers to their customers when they buy outdoor sparklers in bulk. You can also diminish the delivery cost. So, to find cheap outdoor sparklers you must go online.

15. Are Outdoor Sparklers Numbers Available?

The interesting thing that I am going to tell you is that outdoor sparklers are definitely available in numbers, but the interesting part is, the numbers would appear in the air. Outdoor Sparklers fly in the air before producing fumes and sparking and their numbers will appear. Not only this, but you can also buy alphabetical outdoor sparklers for a happy birthday and happy wedding etc. messages.

16. How to Use Outdoor Sparklers for Birthday?

To use outdoor sparklers, you need to have open ground, space, floor, or balcony because these have to fly to the sky and produce beautiful flames. You need to hold them lightly in the hand whilst their faces straight up to the sky. For proper use and safety, you can also use empty soda bottles and place the sparklers in them. Now, ignite them by using matchstick or lighter, quickly leave the place, and see them going in the air. Make sure the face of the sparkler would remain towards the sky because they travel to fast.

17. How to Decor Backyard with Outdoor Sparklers?

Backyards are vast, they have an open roof with the sky, and they have nothing like to catch fire. Backyards are great and convenient places to décor with outdoor sparklers. You can use empty soda bottles to place the sparklers in your backyard or simply you can engrave them in the ground. Now, light them up and see the magic of blinking fire. Don’t try to hold the burning sparklers as they produce really heavy flames that can accidentally touch your skin and make you injured.


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