We believe your wedding should be perfect and sparklers & Balloons add that elegant touch that is missing from so many weddings. We have been in business since decade and are the premier reason for happiness in all wedding company today. That’s because we offer the utmost 15% Discount on all products including sparklers, personalized sparkler tag and balloons.

WE offer the 18 inch sparkler, which is our most popular, along with the 18 inch sparkler and 10 inch sparkler with offer code: GOOGLESHOP15%OFF and free shipping facility. There are never any hidden charges and your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Offers by Sparklers and Fireworks LTD:

Our website offers some creative and fun ways to use sparklers & Balloons during your ceremony and reception. They can be placed in glass jars on the tables and lit to give the whole room a lovely glow. Some couples have pressed them into the ground. Forming a large personalised sparkling tags heart where they knelt for a remarkable wedding photo. We are surprised and delighted every day by the amazing photographs that are submitted to us every day.

We Offer Sparklers of all kinds ­­–­
  • Create your own shape or choose from stock designs
  • Choose any balloon colors
  • Choose any Ink colors
  • Approx. Production lead time: 4-6 weeks
  • Order Stain Balloon Ribbon & Balloon Weights to tether Foil Balloons.
  • Balloon Ribbon (500 yard spools) & Balloon Weights sold separately
Long Lasting Sparklers & Balloons

The wedding sparkler photographs was featured on snippet and Ink – and for very good reason. This is one of those perfect shots – the night is lit up with the glow of the hundreds of wedding personalised sparkler tags. The bride and groom are stopping for one last moment among the sea of wedding sparklers to give their guests one last moment. The sparklers simply create the most amazing light that it is as if you are being photographed under candlelight. There are so many ways you can run through your wedding sparklers at the end of the evening.

The Sparkler Superstore is famous for below services
  • Nightclub Supplies
  • Wedding supplies
  • Online Sparklers
  • Bottle Sparklers
  • VIP Sparklers
  • Sky Lanterns
  • Colored Sparklers
We guarantee you will find the highest-quality, industry leading sparklers and other supplies guaranteed to dazzle and thrill, while ensuring your next event is a truly sensational affair. We offer latest and greatest trends focused towards the nightlife and wedding industries.

More Info about Sparklers and Fireworks LTD

Sparklers and Fireworks LTD offers 15% discount on all the products with the promotional code (GOOGLESHOP15%OFF) for the best quality wedding sparklers available today and they are 100% guaranteed. Our sparklers & Balloons are bright and last longer than other brands. They burn for a full 4 minutes so there will be plenty of time to get those amazing wedding photos that your family will adore.